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Storm Vine and what's going on/ · 10:41pm Oct 25th, 2017

Hello my loyal and dedicated fans, followers, readers, and writers alike!

My its been a busy week for me these last few weeks. Between work and my personal life I’ve barely had time to write for a while. Mostly my own fault though. So, funny story, when I started to write Storm Vine, I had just gotten back into playing Final Fantasy 14 A Realm Reborn. Now, I’m a hardcore gamer. not in the sense I have that stupid elietest mentalist or competitiveness. No, I have a far more serious problem. I have a game addiction.

If I could, I would play games for days and never stop. However with work and other stuff in my life I been neglecting everything else except for work and Final Fantasy. So I’ve been working on Storm Vine, but I won’t lie the game addiction kicked in, AND I play with friend online so It’s been had to break away. (Gawd I’m such a geek.) I hit a lvl 50 milestone so I told my friends I’m taking a break for a while so I can work on other things. Like making a great story for you guys!

Now, Storm Vine is at a bit of a cross roads for me. In the next few chapters I will do something that will either make or break many expectations for this story. :fluttershysad: And no it won’t be Discord related. I learned my lesson last time. :fluttershyouch: Please don’t hit me. . . So, I give fair warning that when it happens I will try to leave a note in the authors notes for it; however anyone who knows me and my work will probably see this coming from a mile away. :scootangel:

The next chapter is almost done but at the time I posted this I’m preparing for work so it won’t be done tonight. BUT! I promise it WILL be done in the next two days MAX! (Depending on when I get it to my editor and go over it.) So, keep an eye out!

Report zalla661 · 205 views · Story: Storm Vine · #Storm Vine #update #gamer troubles
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Comments ( 6 )

Depending on what you give my and YugiOh? That's totally not a lot of pressure :twilightsheepish:

Don't worry, we got you.

*sees that you have a gaming addiction and that you enjoy games and whatnot*
*scrolls down to comment section*
*sees advertisement for that new PUBG style game, Fortnite*

Mm. . .Maybeeeee? :trollestia:
I know you guys do. :scootangel: Buuuut, it is a long shot on how people will take it.

awwww well, I'm not sure if it is going to be of that kind that I always loved to see from you, or if it is that kind of stuff I'm usually a bit wary of if I don'T know how it is meant.

Before I say to much again, let'S just say I think that I'm able to at least somehwhat relate to your problem, a few years before I would have said I'm like that too.
Whatever happens I hope it works out for you and that you feel at least good when doing it.

I promise it’s not the, “be wary” kind for you. :twilightsmile: At least it shouldn’t be. Trust me when I say when it happens YOU especially will know Texus. :pinkiehappy:
#Best Pone

I just can't help myself sometimes, but now I'm at least more eager to see the next chapter.
However I can wait, I already start to read a bit to much again, the nights start to be longer again if you know what I mean, to many options, to many stories.

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