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Laughing out loud at the SU fandom. · 11:39am Oct 25th, 2017

As someone who watched around a dozen episodes of this show back in August and didn't really like what he saw at all, seeing its fandom go apeshit over someone having a dissenting opinion to them makes me very happy indeed.

Truly, there is no better way to start one's morning. :rainbowlaugh:

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I adore Steven Universe, but knowing fully well how Bronies are and hearing what the SU fandom does to one another, I've done my best to avoid the fandom at all costs.

This is hilarious, actually.

God, I hate that fandom. I liked the show, I guess, though.

One: why do you like the show? Just out of curiosity.
Two: what do you mean by 'how bronies are'?

Isn't it though? Though I do have to ask, why did you like the show?

Being a Brony is like living in the Matrix. I feel like the only sane person in a mental asylum; when I say something or give an opinion, everyone shoots me down, and I feel like the only way I'd fit in is if I just get with the program and "fit in". I've spent half my life trying to fit in, and it does nothing but bring me misery. So if standing out makes me miserable too, then at least I'll be who I really am.

As for why I love Steven Universe, I put my thoughts about it into two videos so far. Hope you don't mind spoilers:


I feel like the only sane person in a mental asylum

Nice to know you see me as insane, buddy! (#unfortunateimplications). Since I'm fairly sure that implication was unintentional (at least I hope it was), let's just discuss the point.

Speaking for most of the dissenting opinions that resulted in flak, from what I've seen, it's less that you're stating an unpopular claim, and more that the way you're presenting your claim is rather consistently... extreme, from making a blog saying you hate yourself for liking a design to multiple blogs crying over an episode you hadn't even seen, these types of hyperbolic explanations of your opinion will only bring skepticism. I'm not saying you're wrong to feel the way you do, but theirs rarely a need to present it so extremely. Rationality breeds discussion, Hyperbole breeds irritation. Now If I'm wrong, feel free to show me contradicting evidence (I haven't seen everything you've written, after all.) but that's how it seems to me.

As for Steven, I don't care about spoilers, though do be aware I'm likely to respond with my own counterpoints, assuming it's about the stuff I've seen.

4709394 The show has a lot of original ideas and fun side characters. I didn't come away with any negative feelings about it, but I wasn't necessarily wowed.

I get that treatment, no matter how I present my arguments. Then there are legions of people here that frequently treat actual living people like dirt and get away with it, and are even praised for it. They put their characters above real people. It's like I'm beneath Starlight Glimmer in the pecking order. :ajsleepy:

Too damn many to go through.

I don’t need all of them. Just one or two will suffice

I'm not in the mood to sift through more of my past fuck-ups just to prove some unimportant argument.

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