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Writer of gentle Macro/Micro P0rn and occasional adventure. I do not take Requests.

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A Weak Sauce Phrase Everyone Should Avoid · 5:22pm Oct 22nd, 2017

He looked around.

I want to help others improve their writing as much as I want to get better myself. So today I'm going to give all you new writers out there a word of advice. To improve your own work, you need to be reading. Get out there and read anything and everything. And while you're at it, be on the look out for phrases that irritate you. Then make a mental note of them and avoid them in your own work.

Like, whenever I see "He looked around" I roll my eyes. It is a weak phrase. It is a boring phrase. And I'm seeing it more and more often.

Tip of the Day: Do not use "He looked around." It is an easily improved phrase. You should use stronger words and combine it with the sentence(s) that come immediately after. Try building a sentence that actually conveys meaning to the reader or communicates something about the way "he" looked around.

Just look at some of these simple examples. They suggest a lot more to the reader, don't they?

His eyes were repulsed by the layers of dust that covered everything in the room.

She glanced about the space as though searching for clues.

He regarded the chaotic mess unfolding around him with amusement.

Her head darted back and forth as she carefully analyzed her surroundings.

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