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    ONLINE Whinny City Panel TOMORROW

    Hello my dudes,

    Whinny City may be online (and free!) this year, but it's still a party! I'll be presenting "The Medicine of My Little Pony" tomorrow (Sat July 4) at 10am CDT on their server in the Hoof Work "Room".

    I hope to see some of you there :3

    And happy 'murca day.

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    Hi Boys and Girls!

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I just hugged Princess Celestia · 10:45pm Oct 21st, 2017

Nicole Oliver gave me a hug. Are you mad, bro?

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Comments ( 32 )

Not at all. Congratulations with getting a hug from Princess Celestia.


But in all seriousness, CONGRATS. :3

Busy being happy for you.

Just hope my version of Sonic is okay with it.

I'm not pissed. It's called "Luck of the draw"


I'm not mad, but a tad bit jealous :trollestia: Congratulations, though!

Too late! She's dusted real good!

I wanna hug from Raindow Waifu... :fluttercry:

Thats cool. *rage intensifies*

How was it?

WOAH! Was this at Milwaukee pony con? Congrats bro! I might have to step it up! (Gets ready to meet Lauren Faust in Dallas)

8.5/10 very soft and gentle

I knew it!

PRAISE THE SUN:trollestia:!!!

She said if I did, it would bless my mornings. :derpyderp1:

I want a hug from Princess Luna!

I'm in line to see Tabitha St. Germain- I'll tell you if she offers to hug me!

No hug but she put her head on my shoulder and her hand on my arm during the photo. That's basically a quick Luna cuddle, right?

well, considering not many pon- *ahem* people have gottten something like that, i think so

My version of Sonic has his eyes on you now, so you better be careful.

Sanic can come n fite me if he wants, smh
I don't care about what Sega thinks about this- I gree up with Crash Bandicoot anyway.

If you read my main story, you'll know what I meant.

I do! (Not of the hug) but I have trouble figuring out how to link photos to fimfiction. Any ideas?

When I wanted to post my friend's fanart of my nerf fanfic, we had to upload the drawings to deviantart first and then use the link from the site to post them on fimfiction

Imgur works now too. I usually use Dropbox but sometimes that's not very handy so Flickr works in a pinch

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