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The Buccaneer Brony

If you're going through hell, Keep Going. (Winston Churchill)

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    Decided i ain't done yet!!!!!!!


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    Sailing off into the sunset.

    Aye, tis I, The Buccaneer Brony, I come back today to let ye all know that I have decided to take leave from Fimfiction, permanently, I understand this will shock some of you, but in my time here, I have met many wonderful people here, and I thank ye all for being wonderful people, and wonderful friends, I would rather not reveal my reasons behind leaving, but I hope everyone understands, thank

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    Looking for a co-author on this monster

    The Adventures of Agent Ambrose Rothschild
    by The Buccaneer Brony

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    well folks, Considering changing my legendary name

    Hello, I announce this to let you know I am considering changing my name and dropping the pirate stuff forever, leave your comments below

    April Fools!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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