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    New Iron Horse Art: "For Grant (Happy to See You Too)"

    Art, as usual, by my longtime pal and illustrator, Colby “Greenfinger” Green. Commissioned in tribute to Grant Imahara, the character Umahara is based on.

    Take care, folks, and see you again soon.

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    Rest in Peace, Mr. Imahara (Tribute)

    For those of you who haven't heard, Grant Imahara of Mythbusters fame passed away on Monday. He was someone I admired as a robot enthusiast and he inspired the Iron Horse character Umahara. Mr. Imahara was 49.

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    New story is here! "Rising Above"

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    Story Recommendation: "Good Changes, Mostly"

    Much of my work - like The Iron Horse or the recent "Spirit of Radio" - deals with the impact of technology on society. A very recent story here on the site takes this theme and creates a beautiful tale of change and hope as

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A New "Iron Horse" Cover is being made! · 7:41pm Oct 20th, 2017

(Update: Stream is over, but you can catch the recording here!)
You read that right! Today at 4 pm Central my illustrator Greenfinger will be drawing a brand new cover for The Iron Horse LIVE on his Twitch channel, and I’ll be co-commentating! The old one is a bit outdated and since Green has improved his skills, I thought it needed a bit more polish and commissioned him for it! Not only that, the long-delayed Afterword is right around the corner! Last chance to add to the FAQ if you’ve got a question for me!

”That is good. I would enjoy an upgrade.”

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Comments ( 9 )

you bet I'm gonna be there!


Sadly Signing out:pinkiesad2::fluttercry::raritycry:, VShuffler42
(Well in my time zone anyway I live in Atlanta. All of this drama is for no good reason)

It starts in 40-ish minutes! You haven’t missed it!

I know. I was just being overdramatic. Only problem is I will probably still miss it because I have a swimming practice at 5 directly followed by a visit to my grandparents so ultimately I am still distraught. Will I be able to watch it later?
Signing out, VShuffler42

Ah, sorry, I didn’t quite understand your post because I’m a dingus who’s been grading papers all week.

But yes, I believe we’ll have it archived. :pinkiesmile:

No worries.
I recommend putting the link on your blog after it is done.
See you later Hat Man
Signing out, VShuffler42

Will the original cover be saved in the gallery?

This reminds me: Do you want me to send that image I commissioned your way?

Absolutely! :pinkiesmile:

I saw your message on DeviantArt and sent a reply. I’ll get the image from Green, but thanks again! :pinkiesmile:

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