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Hi, I'm a Brony. Here's my fanfiction.net page: https://www.fanfiction.net/u/1751450/Ultimate_Warrior_of_Zera

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  • 6 weeks
    I am happy!

    Remember my blog I am sad again? Well, as of today, I finally found fichub, a site where I could download the remaining chapters of Nerve Damage: Season 2: Sensory Overload! I am really happy!

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  • 14 weeks
    Cool, I have a theme song!

    A YouTuber named CaYIYa made a theme song for The Lost Hero. Thank you very much!

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  • 17 weeks

    Forgot to do this yesterday. Yesterday, I released the next chapter of my story: A Certain Great Fourth Holy Grail War. Available on fanfiction.net and Archive Of Our Own.

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  • 18 weeks
    I am sad again.

    In 2012, CrossyCross released a Fate/Stay Night story called Nerve Damage. It was basically, "Let's make the Holy Grail War as badass as possible." Summary (spoilers): After Kiritsugu died, Shirou Emiya met another Magus named Henry Hailmark who taught him much, but Henry is

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  • 20 weeks

    I just got an account on Archive of Our Own and have posted The Lost Hero on there. Sorry but this story is still on hiatus. I still have writers block and am working on other stories like A Certain Great Fourth Holy Grail War.

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Finally watched My Little Pony: The Movie. Also yay for new series! · 11:13pm Oct 19th, 2017

What I liked:

Top notch music, songs, and animation.

Excellent fight scenes.

Even though Sia's character Songbird Serenade only appears and speaks briefly, she was worth every penny.

Very cool and interesting new characters.

What I didn't like:

Twilight Sparkle again failing to remember not to be a perfectionist, that it is okay to make small mistakes, and to trust her friends. And the part where she tried to steal the pearl, all I could think when watching that was, "What an idiot!"

Princess Celestia seemed to give up too easily, and didn't even try to fight back.

The Storm King's voice was so goofy. I mean, Lieb Schrieber of all people was voicing him, so he could have sounded just a little badass. I'm okay with him acting goofy. Dark Laser from The Fairly OddParents is a perfect example of a goofy villain with a badass voice.

Trixie was in the crowd and she didn't even contribute anything? What the hell?

Where the hell was Starlight Glimmer? In the end, she only cameos during the end credits, playing with Trixie. Was it a budget thing, or did the studio once again give in to the hate from the fans?

Just like with the Equestria Girls movies, these new characters likely won't appear or even be mentioned in the show.

I just found out they are releasing a My Little Pony: Equestria Girls animated series on YouTube, starting November 17, 2017!

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