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Random Thought · 9:27pm Oct 18th, 2017


Anyway, gonna post chapter nine for MLP this evening. Really. :pinkiehappy:

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I like him in Romeo and Juliet (the weird one where they modernized the setting but kept the original dialogue, but thankfully inspired this:

4701648 I've never understood the appeal of Panty and Stocking. To me, anime trying to mimic (adult-targeted) western animation is like a gourmet chef deciding to make shitty microwavable TV dinners.

I wouldn't say Panty and Stocking is trying to mimic western animation, it just simply has a style that is more similar to cartoons, just as Avatar: The Last Airbender has a style that is more similar to anime. Cartoons and anime are basically the same thing. The only real difference being where they're made.

Also, might I add, Studio Trigger loves western media, and it came from Gainax, which in turn came from Daicon.

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