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Flarity Art · 3:05am Oct 18th, 2017

Here's the cover I was going to use on a canceled Flarity story. It's too nice not to share just because the story fell through!

Slightly less SFW version below break:

This is the same artist that did this piece for me, in case you missed it before (And so I have another excuse to show it off. I love my warrior Dagi).

Artist is zipskyblue on DeviantArt, check him out! He's usually got pretty great prices on commissions.

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Comments ( 10 )

Wait was the cover art for a clop fic? In the first one their wrists are tied. . .

Unless I'm an idiot and I'm missing something.

Oh okay.

Why is Fluttershy always drawn with massive boobs. . .

Because the shy girl who is embarrassed by having a sexy/oversexualized body is kind of a staple trope in fiction.

Oh yeah.

But then they always give her partner(mostly when it's FlutterDash) small breasts. And they always make Rainbow super short. . .

I can at least understand the height jokes when they came to Korasami(since Korra was shorter) but even then they were an exageration of the characters heights.

Well, a lot of it is just taking really common character archetypes, and some is taking from their personality. Since the mane six basically have identical builds in the show, people like to take creative liberties when writing them in fiction to make them feel more natural. Here's what I've observed, personally.

:yay: Fluttershy: Tall and lanky, with big boobs. Shy female characters typically come in two main body types: short and meek of tall and lanky. People usually go with tall and lanky, because of how she looked as a filly in the episode where they all flash back to getting their cutie marks. The big boobs are usually related to either the "shy girls have big boobs" trope, or "pretty girls have big boobs," since she and Rarity are generally considered the most generically pretty. Plus, with her being the element of kindness, she tends to have a motherly (or big sisterly) air about herself, which is another thing people often associate with big breasts.

:rainbowwild: Rainbow Dash: Is an athlete. There's pretty much no argument about that, and since athletes (especially runners) tend to have a minimal of body fat, that means small boobs. Plus, people like variety, I guess. As to why she's short, being small is generally considered beneficial to runners (and fliers. Think humming bird vs albatross). Less mass= faster acceleration. Plus, it's kind of cute for her honestly. And ego like hers pairs really well with a Napoleon complex. Again, this only really comes up in fics that make a point to differentiate each character's build.

:pinkiesmile: Pinkie Pie: She is usually considered slightly overweight, with a little pudge and bigger than normal butt and chest. Basically the personification of the chubby girl with a bubbly personality. This body type is also a fairly common trait among curly haired characters in general (I don't actually have an answer for that one, it's just a pretty common thing). Since she eats so many sweets, this kind of body type kind of makes sense.

:duck: Rarity: Honestly, I've seen more variety with her human/anthro build than most. A lot of people like to give her a similar build to Fluttershy, since that's what is attractive to them. Since she is often considered the "prettiest" of the cast, it's probably fair to say that she usually becomes whatever the author finds most attractive. A lot of writers like to give her big breasts (albeit not usually as much as Fluttershy), but I personally give her a more youthful, fit-but-not-quite-athletic built, because that's what I find attractive. Considering how much she cares for her appearance, she seems like the type that would be sure to keep herself fit and at whatever she considers the peak of good health and beauty.

:ajsmug: Applejack: Not a whole lot to say about her, honestly. She tends to be more muscular, for obvious reasons, but the level varies across authors and stories. I think next to Fluttershy, she tends to be the second tallest.

:twilightsmile: Twilight: Going back to common tropes and stereotypes, she tends to follow the classic "nerdy girl" look, where she's a little short and skinny, with only moderate "assets" and doesn't really stand out in any particular way. This may also be partially because she is kind of the main main character, so she has the most "average" appearance. Ironically, I personally find that build one of the more attractive.

Heh, I kinda slipped into lecture mode there for a bit, sorry about that. It's fun to talk about.

Well you certainly went more detailed then what I did. . .

But I just brought it up since I mkstly notice it with FlutterDash. Like Rainbow is usually protective, but she's also really short. And usually super shy about Fluttershy's boobs. Usually something along the lines of Fluttershy hugging Rainbow, then Rainbow feeling uncofmrtable about her breasts(even if they're actually dating at that point.)

As for Rarishy(cough cough) Raroty's selfishness is almost always circumvented, and Fluttershy is always super horny(though I've read more Rarishy clop)

Heheh, yeah, I guess so.

Yeah, Rainbow and Fluttershy do have pretty good chemistry most of the time. And their fanon height differences do lend themselves for that kind of interaction a lot haha.

I really wish there was a better ship name for these two than Flarity or Rarishy. I personally prefer Flarity because it's easier to say, and flows more naturally when I type. Anyway, Rarity does seem to be a divisive character for a lot of people. Personally she is my favorite of all the mane 6.

Raroty's selfishness is almost always circumvented, and Fluttershy is always super horny

Yeah, I've never been a fan of absurdly horny characters, and it always feels especially weird on Fluttershy. As for Rarity, I think people like to exaggerate her flaws and ignore her good points. Yeah, she has her fits of jealousy and selfishness, but who doesn't? That being said, conflict is good for a story, and Rarity's personality can be a good place to go for that haha.

Rarishy is my second favorite Fluttershy ship after FlutterDash.

I like Rarishy more, Flairty just sounds weird to me.

Raroty is in my top five characters. I probally like Spike and Starlight more than Rarity, but Rarity also shows up more.

Always nice to find another Starlight lover! Poor thing gets so much hate, but she's probably my favorite from the main series, with Rarity usually a close second. And Adagio has to be my fave from EqG.

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