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Thoughts on the movie. · 3:03am Oct 17th, 2017

Obviously there's going to be movie spoilers, duh.

Now, I'll start by saying that I did enjoy the movie as a whole. It was pretty entertaining. That said, dear fucking Jebus did that movie have some glaring flaws. The biggest one being, why the fuck did they even go to the hippogriffs? They're allies with the queen of the dragons, king of the changelings, and the spirit of chaos; all of which were far closer. Hell, they probably could have gotten the griffins to join in and help as well. And what possible advantage could they have gotten from the hippogriffs? Nothing that I could see. Yeah, they can fly, so do several other species. The one thing unique to the hippogriffs, the pearl, played no role in the climax. The main adventure part to this adventure movie made no damn sense.

Also, once again Canterlot is taken over easily... Twilight can practically bend reality with her magic, Starlight is nearly as strong and has shown no hesitation in using her magic to fix problems and no hesitation in using magic that fucks with minds, Trixie can cause a lot of distractions and chaos, the Wonderbolts were there, the royal guard was there, and they had a guy capable of making city wide forcefields that kept the entire changeling horde at bay. But no, enemy shows up, everyone is useless, and the mane six just run away. Note, that later on the mane six, a small band of pirates and a princess with no combat experience then beat most of the enemies easily. Yeah, I get it. The show is called Friendship is Magic and all that, but after seven seasons and several movies, it gets a little tiring seeing everything the good guys are capable of doing being thrown out the window the second it's inconvenient to the plot. Like the last time I can think of where Twilight just outmatched a villain with her wit was when she teleported behind Nightmare Moon after challenging her to a horn joust. Which reminds me, Twilight's ability to teleport around also seems to get forgotten whenever it's inconvenient.

And then there's the animation. I'm sorry but the ponies' faces just looked wrong to me. It was kinda off putting. Also the buildings at times looked like they were made for a PS2 game. There were some nice scenery shots on occasion, so I'll give it that.

There's a lot more details I could nitpick but that covers my main complaints. It may sound like I hated the movie, but I don't. Like I said, it was fairly entertaining at times. I really like Tempest's song, and Capper's song. Also, all the new characters were well written. The Storm King is a good villain. Sometimes it's nice to see a villain that's just an asshole. And Tempest in particular turned out to be a genuinely great character. It was one time where a heel to face turn felt completely natural within the storyline (Starlight's arc as a whole is great, but her initial turn was iffy) and didn't require a friendship laser to the face. Even if they have to change her VA, I want to see Tempest in the series. And Capper reminded me of Aladdin, so that's a plus.

Overall, 6.5/10. Flawed as fuck, but not to the point of being awful. If you're just looking for some fun moments and some cool new characters, it's fine.

Also, I've seen leaked season 7 finale. I'll just say it's one of the few times an MLP event had decent pacing, and the story is far better than the movie's. Though the new characters in it don't quite match up to how good Tempest, Storm King, the pirates, and Capper were.

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Fizzlepop best pony. <3

Adding nothing else beneficial to the conversation.

Actually, Shining Armor and the Royal Guard weren't even present. Starlight, Trixie, and about six Wonderbolts were literally Canterlot's only line of defense once the Mane 6 were out of the picture. Yeah, that's a massive plot hole right there. :twilightoops:

As for the Season 7 finale, it's probably my favorite two-part episode in the series. There's so much that I adored, the pacing was excellent as you mentioned, and it had an engaging story. Given that I personally wasn't a fan of the movie, I'm glad the S7 finale was so amazing. :twilightsmile:

I was thinking, they said the movie is supposed to take place between seasons 7 and 8, but that just makes Starlight's absence all the more damning. Along with the absence of.... pretty much everyone else. I guess it's fine when taken in a vacuum, but in the context of the show this is just bad storytelling.

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