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  • Thursday
    Elements of persona

    Recently, my mind has been on questions of persona. What constitutes a persona? How do you decompose one into its pieces? How do you put the pieces back together? How does a persona grow over the course of a life? How do people apply their intuition for personas to things that aren't people? How powerful can that intuition be? The list goes on. I think it’s worth trying to get answers to these

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  • 47 weeks
    The study of darkness

    I’ve been thinking recently about what kinds of mathematical models could possibly be suitable for describing consciousness, and I noticed that intuitions for darkness, not brightness, lend themselves more naturally to studies.

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  • 60 weeks
    Cutie marks... Why don't we have them?

    I’ve spent some time meditating on cutie marks as specifications, and I’ve learned… too much. My brain is still refactoring. The short version is that there’s a close relationship between sub-specifications and sub-systems. A lot of things follow from that simple statement. Too many things...

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  • 62 weeks
    Cutie marks

    I spend a lot of time thinking about cutie marks, and I get that that’s a little weird. Something about the concept feels idyllic, yet somehow within grasp. Cutie marks are emblematic of The Thing I feel is missing in our world of squishy humans, and the lack of them somehow feels like it’s at the root of every other important problem. No matter what the problem, it could have been solved

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  • 66 weeks
    Beauty is a diamond in the desert

    Dear Princess Celestia,

    Why is it that when one beautiful thing comes to a close, we long to create another? Does it fill the gap so that the passing might hurt a little less? Does it carry on the spirit so that the world might not miss out on quite so much? Does it anchor a tombstone so that the memory might live on?

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Meetup this Friday in Redwood City, CA · 2:36am Oct 17th, 2017

What this guy said: https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/767534/meetup-this-friday-in-redwood-city-ca. I'm posting this here on the chance that you're more likely to join if you see it twice.

Bad Horse, GaPJaxie, horizon, and I will be getting together at a Denny's in Redwood City (near San Francisco) at 7PM PT this Friday October 20th. If you like ponies, you're welcome to join us! Awkwardness is expected.

This is the first time we're getting together outside of any con. One of us doesn't live in the area (yet), so it could be a long while before this happens again.

Address: 1201 Broadway, Redwood City, CA 94063
Denny's phone: (650) 364-4545
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/DB6REneuvJm

Comments ( 2 )

Thanks again for your hospitality! It was a big adventure, and tons of fun. :pinkiesmile:

Thanks for coming, and yeah it was a lot of fun.

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