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Meetup this Friday in Redwood City, CA · 3:39pm Oct 16th, 2017

GaPJaxie, equestrian_sen, horizon, and I hope to meet up this Friday, at 7PM Pacific time (maybe a little earlier to get a table), at the Denny's in Redwood City, CA. That's near San Francisco.
horizon doesn't know for sure yet if he's coming.

Any other bronies who can make it are welcome. Reply in the comments if you plan to come.

I'll have unpredictable Internet access. You may want to check GaPJaxie's or equestrian_sen's blog before going to see if it's still on.

Address: 1201 Broadway, Redwood City, CA 94063
Denny's phone: (650) 364-4545
(NOT Denny's in Sunnyvale)

"Denny's--Because it's late!"

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Is...that exactly safe right now?

If you're going
To San Francisco
Be sure to bring some marshmallows to roast
If you're going
To San Francisco
You'd better wear asbestos, or you're toast...

Ah, shoot just scheduled a flight on friday last night. Maybe next time.

Site Blogger

I found this artist's impression of Bad Horse waiting for his companions to arrive:


Maybe meet in a swimming pool.

Hope it's fun, if I was anywhere near Cali I'd come out.


I giess you could say that they will be discussing some hot topics!

...I'll leave now.

I checked airline ticket prices, thought about it, and will attend in spirit.


I'll be there! Just need to figure out logistics. (Which is not the same thing as saying "logistics are a problem", I just need to make sure I plan for them, since living 3+ hours away makes this nontrivial.)

With that, we have four confirmed! :yay:

Would zip down for a visit... but I'll be out of the country. Have fun!

Oooh! I'll try to be there.

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