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I write second-person sensual fiction featuring you and your favourite ponies. If there's anything you'd like to know, just ask, I'm always happy to answer questions!

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Know the difference · 9:55am Oct 16th, 2017


Okay but seriously the Tempest fic is almost done, a few days at the most for the last few chapters and a couple of proof-readers who know who they are. ;)

In the movie, one of Tempest's most defining moments (aside for her wonderful song), is near the beginning,where she basically whoops three princesses in one quick action scene. Naturally, this means I simply couldn't make a Tempest fic without having her kick some major ass at some point. Turns out writing action-scenes is a lot like writing NSFW scenes, in that you're basically describing actions in detail. Hopefully this'll work out great!

Anyhoo, that's all for now, catch you soon!

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Comments ( 14 )

You saying she will be using her big green balls? Talking about the green stone turning ones of course.

Nah, I believe those technically belonged to the Storm King. In this fic, since she's reformed and working in favour of Equestria rather than against it, she'll be doing things the old-fashioned way. And hopefully looking darn good as she does it.

>implying she doesnt always look good

Shes a real cutie. I mean im Celestia4life but shes just so unique with her scarred both body and personality.

I was always taking Celly over Luna - though I could easily understand the Luna hype - but yeah, Tempest is very much a breath of fresh air in a world where most ponies have a happy life and backstory with little issues. I really hope she turns up on the show, even if it's not Emily Blunt voicing her.

Id be happy to at least see her in the background as a guard among others. As a easter egg like when they did it with derpy back in ummm some season hehe, like 3.

Wow it really has been 7 years of mlp.

As for Luna, most i heard any reasoning from is her... coat color and that she was evil...

And against Celestia that she was presented as perfect... Whe she failed so miserably to even see her sister suffering. I admire her for not giving up and letting Eqiestria go to hell when she could have easily done so. Instead she carried on, doing all she can to make others happy when she cannot be.

True. Let's hope for another Princess episode next season! They deserve it.

It's so nice to see a waifu bring the fandom together. None of this shim sham glim glam contention.

So... you didn't think that she was basically Starlight v2.0 on steroids (from backstory standpoint) and her voice acting was really off, compared to the rest of the characters (not in a bad way, it just stood out too much, but not in a good way either)? Huh, must've been just me.

Starlight lost a friend because she couldnt... sent letters or such so she decided to form a cult where everyone is equal, shes just more equal then them.

Tempest lost friends because she got maimed for life and unable to use magic normally and that scared the s*** out of other kids so they wouldnt play their little unicorn games with her, and spent her life trying to restor what she lost by any means necesery rather then mope around.

Yeah not really the same.

Yeah, when "Wow! Glimmer!" joined the Mane Six, I was actually all for her. I was 100% on Team Glim Glam, believing her to be a nice break from insta-redeemed characters, knowing that she still had a lot to learn. But since I saw the movie, I would be perfectly okay if Tempest replaced her. I mean it, that's how good Tempest is to me.

Nah, Glimmy didn't have a kick-ass song. Besides, they're both different in that Glim's a magical prodigy who just wanted affection, and Tempest can't properly cast a spell, and was willing to abandon those who loved her in favour of getting her horn back. In short, Glim used power to get love (from her "citizens" in the "Equality Town"), and Tempest rejected love to get power (Storm King). They're a lot more different the more you dig into them.

Tempest is a cutie, she needs some TLC IMHO.

Sounds like you have a new "Best Pony" x3 Still, knowing your stories this should be nothing short of great ^^ Looking forward to it mate

While I'm often loathe to give too much of my story away, I can probably feel right saying that you, Delta Hooves, in particular, will very much enjoy one of the last chapters in the story I'm doing... for aquatic reasons.

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