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MORE Reasons why Mykan's United Equestria is a terrible place to live in · 12:02am Oct 15th, 2017

Okay, I was going to deconstruct the Conversion Bureau, but I realized how done to death it is, especially the works of a certain misanthrope. Then N Harmonik showed me to a blog post made my Dakari King Mykan about Starfleet which makes me give more reasons to enjoy the fact that I live in a country where nothing like this will never happen. Hopefully. Earth still has a long way to go.

The justice system is all sorts of nasty
I've mentioned their prison systems are jacked up, but this is all sorts of wrong. Here is a dialogue between Legendbringer and Mykan

Legendbringer: Are they tried by a jury of their peers?
Mykan: Usually a jury, but sometimes, they don't even need a trial. After all, you have more than enough proof from what you've seen and experienced.
Legendbringer: How does Starfleet determine what is more than enough proof that a trial isn't needed?
Mykan: I've already explained that... just by witnessing, or being victims; it's practically catching them red-handed, and with tons of witnesses. They COULD mind you, still have a trial, by it's a bit pointless by that point since they are already guilty.
Legendbringer: Why is there no "innocent until proven guilty" like in several countries of our world? What if the witnesses mistake someone innocent for the criminal or if they're bribed to incriminate somebody not guilty? Its just that the system seems wasy to abuse. 
Mykan: That is not likely to happen, Starfleet has ways of knowing the truth. It is not easy to hide anything from them, they'll get the truth somehow.
Legendbringer: But, Lie dectors fail. Everything has a failure point, and what about false memories? What if the crimes were witnessed by civilians instead of Star Fleet? They're 'more' likely to lie, be bribed or mistaken!
Mykan: No, not this time. The only chance you have is if you can BLOCK or Manipulate the magic yourself, and it takes a tremendous amount of magic to do so.
Bottomline, you can never truly outwit Starfleet, and even if you manage to succeed, you will not get away with it.
There goes and old saying...
"You may hide the truth from everyone else, you cannot lie to yourself.
Again, unless you can successfully block the magic, or manipulate (Which I state again, is extremely difficult) the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth will be uncovered. "You cannot outwit Starfleet" (That is how I wish them to be portrayed)

Please stop slamming your head into your keyboard. They're worth way too much money.

How Mykan depicts justice in United Equestria is flawed at best and outright opening the door for corruption and injustice left and right. In a world of cloning, transformation, and other weird magic, I don't see how this "justice" would work. I see corrupt government officials holding secret trials on his rivals and the police are merely glorified henchmen. That is just sick.

Then there are things like the laws the following:

-It's bad to publicly insult royalty
-Disturbing the peace...
-Littering in a place that's marked (No Littering) you'll get fined
-Assault, battery, public rage are arrestible offenses (Which is what Ace Ray was arrested for)

Okay, the latter three are reasonable. The first one is outright wrong. Replace "royalty" with "leader" or "party." What do you get? But let's here Mykan out.

Mykan: ... Perhaps... but it's still a serious offense to publicly insult/slander royalty, just as it is in our world.
Alchemystudent: Wait, so does this mean that parodies and riffing on royalty is not allowed? That the populace is not allow to have a little fun at the royalty's expense? Because we make fun of royalty all the time here.
Mykan: What you are committing is called "Defamation" and if they caught you doing it, depending on the seveirity, it could be serious.
Alchemystudent: First off, its not called Defemation, its called Parody. SNL and other shows riff and make fun of the president all of the time. Heck, not a day goes by you don't see something that will tear the president a new blow hole. This can only mean that there are no comedians on United Equestria who would mock the rulers, but that would be silly.

Remember my comparison to communism? Yeah, this is where I get it from. But let's deconstruct Mykan's words further. Defamation of character is, by nature, an intentionally malicious act. If I were to do that to someone's character, my purpose is simple, I want to destroy the reputation. Parody is, by nature, an intent of comedy rather than malicious intent.

What constitutes an insult is up for debate. Satire is often controversial because it exaggerates an issue to the nth degree in order to point something out in the political or social world. My favorite work of satire is "A Modest Proposal" because it emphasizes the point so well because of the sheer dark humor Jonathan Swift uses. Under the Grand Ruler's law, satire would be outlawed.

Alchemystudent:  Are there paroles and retrials in United Equestria?
Mykan: No, there are usually not. Only in a very rare situation would it call for it, but you would have to present some pretty overwhelming evidence. 

Yeah. No comments.

I burned a lot of words on law alone. I was going to make this longer, but I really don't want to read into it more. It makes me ... greasy.

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Tell me about it! And he has the nerve to claim that taxes are very low or something.

In theory, you can run an economy or a dictatorship with low taxes. Toll booths exist for a reason.


Not to mention, people don't like it and COMPLAIN even more when taxes are super high.

Have you lived in Europe? The taxes are high has hell, but people don't mind if they get tremendous benefits like good education, healthcare, and infrastructure. How Starfleet runs United Equestria is insanely inefficient. With low taxes, people will either have to live with terrible infrastructure worsened by the fact that monster attacks are quite common, and terrible public education. Considering how Starfleet acts more like a Stratocracy, I wouldn't be surprised if the military had most of the funds, leaving everyone with nothing.


Have you lived in Europe? The taxes are high has hell, 

There... you just complained, my point is proven. And U.E has good education and Healthcare as well...


Education systems is more than just learning and is dubious at best because I doubt you want to write a public education and all the wonderful red tape that goes along with it. Healthcare is also littered with question marks. Medicine is good, but the paperwork that goes long with it is never depicted. You lack the showing of some bureaucratic structure. Then again, I doubt you want to write such a thing.


Then again, I doubt you want to write such a thing.

I admit it, I don't, mostly because I don't know about most things like that, and also, It's not relevant to the story plot and there's no room for with within said limitations of words per episode

Besides, the only mention of bureaucrats I mentioned was in HUMAN IN UNITED EQUESTRIA (And to me this reflects even the real world)

“Good faith is for bureaucrats.” I said “its things like that that gets you a city handed to you a silver platter. Now I’m telling you, stop that ship while you can before it’s too late, or you’ll be easy prey.”

You need to stop thinking about just the paperwork and consider all the possibilities and probabilities. Sometimes, even if it's not on paper... it CAN be done (Just SOMETIMES)


They did not complain, they pointed out a real-life fact about Europe.


"The Taxes are High"

That's STILL complaining. ( express dissatisfaction or annoyance about a state of affairs or an event.) So it's complaining

But they weren't complaining about you.


(Answered in the chatzy as well)

No, they were complaining about HIGH TAXES, which proves my point-- People complain about high taxes, which is why I make the taxes in U.E low. (Which was ALSO being complained about)

So merely stating taxes are high is complaining?

So describing something as "[adjective] as Hell" is automatically a complaint? What about "awesome as hell", is that a complaint too?

Speaking of parodies there is an imitator here in Chile called Stefan Kramer that has made countless parodies of politicians and has protagonized a cou0le of movies, the first one where because of his parodies that parodies have been banned. Its a funny movie...
Also there was a group called difamadores that also parodied politicians..
Although North Korea would call parodies of their leaders difamation,so there you go...
Good post btw

That first bit about Legendbringers questions seriously make Mykan sound like as Yahtzee would put it "A child on the playground who keeps making up shit so he doesn't lose."

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