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Idea list · 8:19am Oct 14th, 2017

I have several stories going and ideas for new ones all the time.

But these are those that I will do for various reasons.

An AppleDash story for Tchernobog with the AppleDash kids as per their comment from Crystal. Just got to decide an age range for the kids.

A third part to the MoonDash series, and it’s going to be be a single shot fluff bit involving music, food, and the most beautiful uncomfortable getup a mare can wear on that one special day. Thanks for the request way back when, ClosetBrony, you gave me a nice place to leap from for this unorthodox ship.

I’m toying with an idea for something for my good friend and Comparing Notes co-author BlackWater. She’s been a good friend and I’m thinking of something interesting but two stories have to finish first, Notes and the Queen of Equestria story(updates every two weeks) before I can codify it.

I also want to do something for the three participants from the first guest Author week, because they all did amazing jobs with their stories in the Homecoming verse. I hope that the next Guest week sees a good turnout, because it’s fun seeing how people take the continuity in new ways.

As to what to do, I’m not sure.

I’m truly touched every time I log in and see the number showing the number of followers I have. I came here not knowing how I’d do considering how some fandoms are and have received a very warm welcome. Not all of the directions I’ve gone in my stories have been well received by all, but that doesn’t mean that they dislike my works. Most comments in that vein are constructive criticism, which I appreciate. And I’ve received a couple of comments or PMs that tell me that reading the new chapter or the new story cheered them up after a bad day or helped them through a rough patch.

I never know how to respond to things like that.

It’s for you all that I’m revising each story. It’s for you all I’m writing new content.

Thank you all for the support, the likes and the space on your favourite shelves. Thank you for the follows and interactions when a new twist is released or an amazingly fluffy bit makes you sniffle (Hello, Old Friend anyone?) but smile at the same time.

In short, you warm this misanthropic mare’s heart.

Thanks so much.

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