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Hello, my name is XFangHeartX. I love MLP, Inuyasha, and One Piece. I hope we can be good friends here. ^^

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  • 147 weeks
    Hey, it's me.

    I know it's been a while since I've been here, last...but I promise that things are going to change, now. I'm going to try and be more active here and I finally got off my ass and started writing more of MLP after the series ended (GREAT sendoff, by the way).

    So, yeah! Look forward to it...if anyone's still around, that is.

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  • 203 weeks
    I am very sorry.

    I know I said things would pick up soon, but I've been through a lot in life, lately. I'm very sorry for my lack of activity here and I hope you guys aren't disappointed in me. I'm trying really hard to get better.

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  • 205 weeks
    Well, it's official.


    I absolutely love the Kirin's design for MLP! They are amazing and beautiful and I'm going to make an OC for them!

    Oh, and expect activity again, soon!

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  • 213 weeks
    SO sorry about that.

    Life's been hectic and I had a really bad case of writer's block, but I should be more active here, hopefully.

    At any rate, I hope you guys are doing okay.

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  • 217 weeks
    How many of you saw E3?

    What are you guys excited for the most?

    I'm excited for Kingdom Hearts III and Ori and the Will of the Wisps. What about you guys?

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My Little Pony: The Rise of Warfang (Teaser) · 7:09pm Oct 12th, 2017

Coming soon to Fimfiction, DeviantArt, Fanfiction, and AO3...

[The sound of rain falling and thunder booming in the sky was heard, followed by heavy panting and the sound of hooves squishing in the mud.]

Twilight (voice-over): I thought I knew to expect the unexpected...

[A bolt of lightning flashes, showing the Castle of Friendship in all its glory.]

Twilight (voice-over): But I never knew I'd expect this...

[As the camera pans closer to the door, and suddenly, whomever is approaching it collapses. Then, the door opens up, revealing Princess Twilight Sparkle and Spike, who both gasp upon seeing who it is: a unicorn filly with grayish-blue fur and a dark purple mane and tail with some indigo streaks. Soon, the screen fades to black, and the title appears.]

My Little Pony: The Rise of Warfang

[The sound of a wolf howling is heard.]

Coming in 2018...

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Glad to see someone's excited!

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