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The unspoken Ponyville massacre · 2:58pm Oct 12th, 2017

So we have a heavily implied almost-canon that Scootaloo lives with her aunts now.

It's canon that Bright Mac and Buttercup are dead.

Scoots seems the same age as Applebloom, not hard to assume her parents died about the same time as Bloom's

Kinda implied that Filthy Rich's dad died at the same time.

What in the world happened in Ponyville about six months before Applejack moved in with the Oranges?

Also, it occurred to me that Diamond Tiara is about two years younger the Applebloom.

Bloom would have to be a newborn in Cutie Mark Chronicles; while DT isn't born yet in, Where the Apple Lies. Though, I have the belief that Spoild's "unplanned" pregnancy is why they were engaged. (Life lesson there, never date a pony with a mark for being a gold digger.)

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Comments ( 7 )

Monster attacks are both frequent and common, it seems.

On a pretty regular basis. I'm surprised Equestria, or at least Pineville, doesn't have its own version of the Power Rangers by the time Twilight met her friends for the first time

there was a theory about a train crash I heard once. Might account for it.

This is why you need the main 6 in Ponyville.

Maybe there was an outbreak of swamp fever....

In that same book chapter 4 page 1 that's going around she explains that she stays with her aunts when her parents are out of town. The bigger news, is that only one of her aunts is related to her parents, and it's confirmed the two aunts aren't sisters...

Scoot's parents are still alive, just noted as 'often out of town'.

To be fair the book does say Scoots patrents are hardly ever around, implying alive just not terribly good parents.

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