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Help! My Heart is Full of Pony! - A Little Gift · 5:41am Oct 11th, 2017

Years ago ago, a great sorceress queen awoke in the middle of the night after having had a terrible vision. Darkness was to descend upon the land - a great evil that sought to enslave all of mankind - to chain the world using the trappings of its own hate.

The queen knew that it was up to her to stop this evil, so she studied. She studied, and she studied, and she studied, and she studied, and she studied. She poured through every text on ancient magic that she could find, and when she was done with that, she scoured the earth in search of more.

She roamed for years, seeking all of the great texts, and analyzing all of the known scrolls, 'till at last, on a park bench outside the very last archive on her list - The Library at the End of the Earth - the great sorceress began to despair.

"All is lost," she whispered to herself, and hung her head in shame.

She gave up. She sat there for months, refusing to budge. As the seasons passed, slowly but surely, the forlorn sorceress began to turn to stone.

Local villagers avoided that park bench, and the lands surrounding it, lest they be cursed as well. "Jinx't," they called it. "Hex't!"

So the queen remained alone, and motionless until one fateful day, a small child wandered up to the stone sorceress. She did not know about the legends. She did not fear the queen. She only knew that the stone lady looked sad, so she gave the statue a little gift. She rested her favorite toy in the sorceress' lap - a pony named Firefly.

It was then that the great Sorceress Faust started to awaken - that she began to remember. There was a magic more ancient than any library - more powerful than any scroll. Faust thought back to her own childhood – to her love of ponies – the goodness, the purity, the strength. She recalled an ancient equine magic first documented by a being known only as The Zacherle. The scales literally fell from her eyes – flakes of stone that had encrusted there – and when they crumbled she saw a magnificent light!

The little girl who had shown her such kindness carried with her a magic powerful enough to defeat the darkness. Everyone did! They just needed a way to remember how to use it.

Faust vowed to harness this horse magic – to bring it to Earth, and use it banish the darkness and hatred that had taken root there, and threatened to consume all of mankind.

After years of hard work, Queen Faust finally found a way.

On this day, October the 10th, exactly seven years ago, our realm was gifted with a dose of horse magic. On this day, exactly seven years ago, we all discovered Equestria - its innocence, and hope, and light. That glimpse, however, was as far as the spell could take us.

We are armed with magic, laughter, kindness, generosity, honesty, and loyalty – everything we need to fix this broken earth, but it's still up to us to actually roll up our sleeves and do the hard work ourselves. Though dark times may lie ahead, where there is friendship, there is magic; and where there is magic, there is hope.

Thank you, Queen Faust, and all of the sorcerers and scholars who have followed in your hoofsteps over the last seven years. Here's to seven more!


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One of the best birthday presents I've ever received, even if I didn't know it at the time. The Empress Befriends!

Hail to the queen.

Happy Anniversary, Ponies! And thank you Ms. Faust, for inspiring so many of and and bringing us together in friendship!

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