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Why We Die: Stronger Than Ever Before! · 2:31pm Oct 10th, 2017

Greetings Gotham, Joker here! Well, it seems as though Why We Die just keeps getting stronger with each new chapter I post! Right now, we're rockin' 21 faves, 40 follows, 11 reviews, and 1,240 views. Much better track record than some of my other projects, I must say. If you have yet to read the latest chapter of my masterpiece, or haven't read it at all, then Here's the link to the story. Be sure to drop on by and check out what kind of mischief and meyhem that I've been up to as of late. Although, with the upload of the third chapter, that means I'm at a crucial point, given my track record for not usually making it past three chapters. But, hopefully, I can overcome this issue and keep working on the project!

That's all for now. Stay perky.

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