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    All incorrect "A-words" so far

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    "Austraeoh" (Belle)
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    "Amazing" (Belle)
    "Asinine" (Nightshade)

    "Amazing" (Pilate)
    "Adorable" (Rainbow to Pilate)

    "Amazing" (Rayvinne)


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Middle names · 4:10pm Oct 9th, 2017

"Ponies with middle names are lame," Flynn grumbled.

Rainbow Dash's full name appears to be Rainbow Danger Dash
Other options include: Tact, Distance, Professionalism, Deadlines, Courageous, Kickflank, Dastardly

Pinkie Pie's full name is Pinkamena Diane Chaotic Scrumptious Pie
edit: actually she made up the "scrumptious" part

Logan's full name is Big Show Serenity Logan the Magnificent

Jake's full name is Jake Civil Chipmunk Pounder

Also, Lyra's middle name is Hoppin', which is adorable

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I never knew I needed to know this information until now.

Rainbow Jennifer Dash.

Scuse you.

It’s Rainbow OH BOY Dash.


Pinkamena Diane Chaotic Scrumptious Pie

That's Pinkamena Diane Chaotic Scrumptious Responsibility Pie.

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