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    All of you who regularly read my blogs knew this was coming, but I'll state it again for those of you who don't. I'm leaving the site. Now that my latest story is completed, I'm officially tapped out of horsewords. Not only that, but my passion for FiM is pretty much dried up, so I don't have any real reason to keep hanging around here. Yet, at least, but I'll get back to that down below. I'll

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    Indeed, this lizardman will be leaving Fimfiction.

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Back from a second viewing · 8:18pm Oct 8th, 2017

Just saw the MLP movie a second time in theaters. Debating throwing more of my hard-earned money at it for a third viewing.

Just as I thought, the crowd was even bigger this time, owing to it being the weekend, and in the early afternoon. At least a fair few of them were pre-existing fans, but I don't know about everyone. And if the number of people there was any indication, the movie stands a reasonable chance of turning a profit for Hasbro. Taking the show's worldwide fanbase into account, and the relatively low budgets of 2D animation, I'd say Hasbro's faith is well-placed, but we'll see for sure.

Go see the movie! Multiple times! Throw money at the box office! Get your friends and family to come along for the ride! Do iiiiiiiiiiiit.

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