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My Little Pony: The Movie (2017) Review (Spoiler Free) · 9:08pm Oct 7th, 2017

I write this blog-post in the hope that I might save a few of your time and money.

Short and Long of it: The movie is "essentially" 'Strange Magic' but with ponies. That is too say too emotionally based with logical progression that becomes weaker and more galling the more you think about it. Do not pay money to see it. And, if you want the things you like to be of good quality, give the movie a pass entirely.

To the movie itself, for anyone who has seen the shows for any length of episodes, they are aware that ponies like to sing, and are pretty good at it too. However, this movie could very easily, and as a result would have had better pacing, if roughly two of the five songs the characters in the movie sang had been cut from the film. Their irrelevance is made all the move noticeable from their overabundance.

As for the climax, suffice to say, it is more that epic things happen around the main characters and protagonists rather than the main characters and the protagonists being epic in and of themselves. This, in turn, is made all the more insulting as one wonders why no one did things like this in the beginning of the movie as none of the ways they attack and defend themselves were in any way new or even enhanced from what the protagonist were already capable of.

And yes, I recognize that I am being hard on this "childrens" movie, but that's because I recognize the difference between simplification and stupification. One simplifys things so that a child can understand something that would otherwise overwhelm them with its complexity and nuance, while stupefaction is using poor writing because a child will be entranced by novelty regardless of quality. What's more, children are shaped by what they are exposed to, so, in all honesty, children's movies should be put under more scrutiny than your average movie.

Mini-Spoiler: They really double-down and try to make the phrase 'I got this.' as coined by the villain in The Equestria Girls Camp Everfree Movie into something of thematic weight and importance, but it comes off just as weak and ineffectual as it did there (go figure).

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