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Why We Die Update: It's Only Getting Stronger! · 7:54pm Oct 7th, 2017

Greetings Gotham, Joker here! Well, I'm very proud to report that Chapter 1 of Why We Die has been a tremendous success! It actually got even more views than the prologue of the story! So that means...

Anyways, I'm so happy with how well it's doing, that I have every intention of keeping this gravy train a-rollin'! If you haven't read Why We Die yet, and I'm fairly certain there are some of you who haven't, then here's the link to the story. Now, remember, you don't have to be logged in to post a review there like most other fanfiction sites. However, guest reviews are subject to my moderation, so if you decide to be a jerk, then I promise you that your "review" will never see the light of day.

That's all for now. Stay perky.

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