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Colorful Horses But In Movie Form: The Review · 6:24pm Oct 7th, 2017

I saw the horse movie. It was really great. I'm not exactly one for critical reviews/analysis, but I'm gonna give this a shot because I have some thoughts on this colorful little pile of sugar.

•The animation was wonderful. Everything was just so colorful and detailed. It's truly a treat for the eyes. Everyone who animated this deserves to find a hundred dollar bill on the ground today and free pizza.
•The music was incredible. Every song brought a smile to my face, especially "One Small Thing" and "Rainbow." I'm gonna be listening to the soundtrack for ages.
•The voice acting was marvelous, especially from Emily Blunt.
•Speaking of Emily Blunt, TEMPEST SHADOW IS AMAZING I LOVE HER SO MUCH. She's by far my favorite character. I hope she appears in the show at some point (probably won't happen). She's such a wonderful character with a great backstory and personality. And her 4-minute moping fest is probably my favorite scene from the entire film. I'm seriously thinking about writing a story about her. Also, Fizzlepop Berrytwist.
•There's some great jokes in this movie.
•Most of the new characters were well done.
•It is overall just a very fun movie. I had a big stupid smile on my face throughout the whole thing. They really did a wonderful job overall on this little cupcake of a film.
•MOONDANCER MADE A CAMEO AND I SCREECHED. Like seriously can we talk about that scene? She waved to Twilight and acted like a big friend. She was so happy to see her fly by. I LOVE THAT LITTLE NERD.

Cons (Most of these are probably nitpicks or personal opinions, but whatever.)
•Some of the humor was cringy, especially with Grubber. He's a little shit who can screw off.
•While the Storm King was a pretty fun villain to watch, he didn't seem to be that well-developed. What is his ultimate goal? Why does he want a shit ton of magic? How did he get such a crappy army? Where did he come from? Is he gay? He seems pretty gay to me. For one of the biggest threats to Equestria ever, he doesn't really get a whole lot of screen-time.
•Fluttershy was just a meme. I don't think she really did anything besides say yay a few times.
•The princesses should've done a lot more. I understand that they have to be incapacitated for stuff to go down, but come on. They're practically goddesses. At least let them do something.
•Twilight's characterization was... odd. Not bad, but off. Specifically that scene where she tries to steal the sea orb or whatever and that scene where she roasts Pinkie to death. It feels like something unicron twilight would do in the earlier seasons.
•The seaponies just... left. Skystar came back, but everypony else kind of just fucked off. It felt a bit odd.
•I felt like some of the lore and subplots could have been expanded on, especially the stuff with the hippogriffs and Capper.

Overall though, I loved it to death, and I'll probably watch it many times in the future. It brought a big old smile to my dumb face and it was well worth the wait. I give it an 8/10, I guess.

Well, time to go back to suffering in the real world.

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