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MLP Movie Review (Spoilers Ahead! Duh!) · 5:29am Oct 7th, 2017

Hey there everyone, it's been a while, but I'm back.

Okay, I just saw the MLP Movie.

Here are my fandom thoughts/reactions...


With that out of the way I will be looking at this both as a Fan and a movie critic, I am NOT a professional and if you disagree or agree with me on any or all points that's fine, you should have your own opinion and no one can or should tell you to hate, like, or love a movie. However, no movie is perfect or without sin and I find anyone who judges n that scale is quite frankly stupid/dumb. Movies will have their flaws and nitpickers, always, it's unavoidable, we're only human after all. I also expect to see a lot of fan art and fanfiction stories out of this and I just can't wait for that either.

That being said here is my take on the movie and I know I may not be 100% objectable in this review, but hey, no one is perfect, and I'm allowed to enjoy this movie however I want, same as you or anyone else, I haven't viewed any reviews on this so this is all me, but I have watched reviews of other movies so let's hope I can do this well. Also if you do want spoilers DO NOT read them, that is all.

Story/Plot: The story/plot of this movie can be a bit predictable whether or not you're a fan, more so if you are a fan, however, there was ONE aspect I didn't see coming which I will talk about in the spoilers. That aside I felt it was very well paced, excellently handled and is everything that a kid's movie should be, simple and easy to understand, but not overly annoying or aggravating to adults, sure, maybe obvious at times, but the way they did it was handled excellently. And the humor, oh my gosh, I laughed more than I expected being a fan of the show and whatnot. The villain was believable and had good motivation which again I will talk about in the spoilers down below. Down below is a description of the Storm King with minor spoilers for what he does and how I feel about him.

The Storm King was actually a pretty good villain too and the way he took over and got power and control of Canterlot was terrifying, yes, maybe even more so than Chrysalis and Sombra because we can see him do it and not be told it,
MLP: FIM the show fails to truly terrify us with the sheer power of their villains no matter how much we might think they are. The movie doesn't fail at this because it has more time and focuses on the story/plot and characters

Here is what I didn't expect in the movie at all.

What I didn't see coming was the sea-ponies were actually hippogriffs the entire time. Honestly, that did genuinely surprise me even though the Storm King attacking their village was obvious. I also felt nothing when the movies did a fake out of Twilight's death/doom, even a serious non-fan knows that since that Twilight is the main character nothing bad will happen to her, and if you're a fan of the show you KNOW Dues Ex Machina WILL happen, and it does.

And here are my thoughts on Tempest Shadow and some of the themes/ideas presented in this movie.

Tempest is a GREAT villain, she is what an antagonist is supposed to be, a person or rather in this case a pony that presents the hero or protagonist in the story with a real genuine threat/danger/peril, it doesn't have to be terrifying, but the more emotional the audience feels, the better, and boy does she make things dark. Her world view is very realistic and something that is actually in the real world today, there will ALWAYS be people that think things are better off being done alone, and people that think things should be done together as a group, later in the movie this mentality even sort of infects Twilight Sparkle when she tries to steal the gem/orb of power from the sea-ponies. And yes, I do find a slight flaw with her NOT trusting her friends, but Twilight is a logical pony, she didn't believe that her friends could help her after being betrayed by Capper earlier in the movie, her spirits were probably broken, and remember,
she lost her mentor Princess Celestia, her sister-in-law Cadence, and she's the only princess left, she wants to do whatever it takes to protect her kingdom even if it means lying, that being said I actually think her reaction is VERY realistic and not a flaw at all, or at least not a flaw as much as you might think. I also like Tempest's song and backstory, she's asking Twilight to see things from her side and point of view, she isn't demanding and she isn't saying that Twilight is like her because she isn't, no, she's trying to say that the world isn't all good and perfect despite all the smiles and sunshine in the beautiful and magnificent glorious land of Equestria, and she did have friends once, and it's much harder for a villain to be reformed when they've tried to be good or have friends or whatnot and then fail rather than be a straight out villain who's never tried to be good. I like the mentality of being alone, sometimes it is tough to survive and you have to do it alone, but you can always choose to have friends. Twilight only knows the world the way she was raised just like everyone else and that has different mentalities and ideals with it and the contrast blends together so well especially if you know the show. too

Overall the story is well handled, awesome and excellent both as a fan and as a casual movie-goer or even a serious one, I don't know how a non-fan would feel about this but we'll see. And if you are a fan it answers a question about magic, what happens when a unicorn loses their horn? Simple, it does NOT seem to grow back and you can't focus your magic, so the horn is like a magnifying glass I guess you could say. I'd give this an 8.5/10.


What Can I say? My review of Tempest Shadow is above, she's a great villain and provides GREAT contrast to Twilight Sparkle and the protagonists of the story, the sea-ponies have an understandable mentality after having their homes attacked and utterly destroyed by the Storm King and our main characters are all still VERY believable and canon and do NOT break character and are VERY supportive and do their jobs. Overall 9/10

Comedy/Humor: I have a few nitpicks, but nothing overstayed it's welcome and I laugh more than expected. Also Hasbro is probably ready to sell Storm King merchandise just like in the movie, he-he. 8.5/10

Other: The story can be very dark/grim at certain points and I feel this added real drama and weight to the story, especially if you're a fan. 9/10

Songs: I lost count of how many there were, but for me they did their job and told or progressed the story for the audience, they were either just forgettable or filler to me, nothing stood out per say, Capper's song was fun, the intro song sets up the bright and happy mood of Equestria, the sea-pony song was fun, but the really good songs are the villain song and the end song. The villain song is AMAZING and provides us with Tempest's backstory and the end song, it's Sia, she's beautiful, it's beautiful, moving on!

Animation: it's beautiful and breathtaking, every scene is gorgeous, so many colors, and the number of things/stuff/ponies in the background, don't even get me started, yes it's not Disney or Pixar, but for what it is, a children's film, I couldn't expect anything better. 10/10

And finally, most importantly of all, does this movie work for a non-fan?

Honestly, I can't say, I don't have any friends online who aren't already a fan and my family aren't the biggest supporters of this either, but honestly, I think it does work out well for a non-fan, it sets up the characters well, even if stereotypically for them and yeah, it's a great way to get interested or into the fandom, if you know someone out there that likes children's films or whatnot then please show them this movie, take your children, this is a great movie, and the best way to support it os to go see it in theaters and tell Hasbro that yes, we WANT MORE of this amazing, brilliant and wonderful content.

Honestly, I had no expectations when seeing this movie because I like to be surprised and keep my opinion and thought open, that being said I will be seeing and hearing other thoughts about this, if you have a thought or comment or idea or even theory please write it down below or just share this with other people, your support is greatly appreciated, I don't write for money, or review anything for money, this is all just a deep and intense passion of mine.

My total overall score for this movie is 54/60 or 9/10, what do you think, do you think it deserves such a high score? Something lower instead? Please leave all thoughts and ideas down below. Basically I LOVED this movie, it was great and awesome and amazing.

And thanks for the support, and until next time, remember, friendship is a choice, growth is optional too, change will always come, and you never have to be miserable, peace out.

P. S.

The true hero of the story is obviously DERPY HOOVES! Her noble sacrifcie will NEVER be forgotten and that automaticallhy makes this better than all Equestria Movies combined, 10/10, best pony ever, best hero ever, best sacrifice ever, but saldy also they capture EVERY waifu ever and Derpy is a statue. 0/0 worst movie ever, go hate it, boo!

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