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A brief hiatus. · 1:30am Oct 6th, 2017


Due to Australia not getting the MLP Movie until next month, and my feed here already FULL of unmarked spoilers...

I'll be taking a leave of absence from the site. Yeah, I could avoid my feed. But I'm already predicting a TON of movie related fics in the Feature Box too. So yeh.

Peace out til next month peoples. Take care and I love ya.


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Comments ( 8 )

See you get back :fluttershysad:

yes you do stand a chance of finding spoilers but i am betting some one will throw a link up so you can watch the movie or DL it.

Maybe some of us Australians actually want to see this movie we waited 3 years for in a proper cinematic experience with our loved ones.

Honestly, Aus, I might have to do the same thing.

i chat with a few friends i have down under and i know how hard it is to get new movies there or TV for that matter.

A week after The Emoji Movie started getting slammed with negative reviews and that 0% score on Rotten Tomatoes, it started being advertised on tv here and McDonald's started selling TEM toys. We are so out of touch lmao

4688440 - So damned pumped for this movie!!! I'm so happy my local cinema is getting it.

I feel like I've already been spoiled a little bit by that damn mobile game, so best to avoid that if anyone is trying to stay spoiler free.

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