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"Burninating the countryside... burninating the peasants... burninating all the peoples... and their thatched-roof COTTAGES! THATCHED-ROOF COTTAGES!! And the Trogdor comes in the NIIIIGHT!!!"

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Verdict: Guilty · 3:26am Oct 2nd, 2017

DATELINE: the American Midwest. An innocent man struggles to find parking in Local Biggish City, child in tow, wife waiting at home--and all feeling desperate. Back home, the fridge is empty, save for leftovers of dubious vintage; and the pantry is that curious mix of stuffed-to-the-gills yet containing absolutely nothing. To make matters worse, he is ill, and has taken to wearing one of those uncomfortable blue mask thingies for the good of his fellow man.

But then, amid his living nightmare, the man finally finds a parking spot next to a meter. He checks his watch; it is 4:59pm, and exactly one minute before the sign on the meter says that parking will be free. He pulls in, gleeful--nay, triumphant--for soon his family will be fed.

But then, just at that very moment, an overzealous meter maid spots him. She performs an improbable gold-medal-worthy leap across two rows of parked cars, shatters the driver's side window with her elbow, drags him from the vehicle, and begins unloading on his face with her ticket gun. He screams. His child screams. And yet, above them--showing that the universe is full of naught but cold, uncaring misery--a single word appears in mockery of their plight:


A pedant would note that they're posed on the passenger's side. Don't be that pedant; just let me have this moment.

Evening, folks. The above was inspired by dat screenshot from Verdict Guilty, a newish retro fighting game that looks like it was ripped from the pages of Nintendo Power circa 1991. I struggle to find time for computer/video games these days, and my preferred genre of big open-world RPGs are especially tough to fit in; but fighting games also scratch the itch, and they're much easier to accommodate. In this case, I've picked up Verdict Guilty because it's retro and it's on an absolutely dirt cheap sale; but I think I'll get some decent play time out of it, because it's got simple but strong core mechanics to go with its appealing visual style (if you're into retro, that is). Its core gimmick of handcuffing opponents to keep them from attacking you for a few seconds is particularly fun, unless you're playing against the one guy whose cooldown is such that he can just keep doing it over and over ad nauseam. :flutterrage:

But I digress: the verdict is also guilty for not getting you a chapter of To Serve In Hell this month. :unsuresweetie: I'll spare you the sob story, though it involves getting diagnosed with sleep apnea, and receiving a CPAP machine, and HOLY CRAP FOR THE FIRST TIME IN NINE MONTHS I CAN SLEEP AND WAKE UP AND FEEL REFRESHED AND ALIVE AGAIN. What I'd rather focus on is all the stuff that I've got in the works right now. Bulleted list, take it away--

  • To Serve In Hell's outline got a major overhaul this week, and related links were sent to pre-readers. Early feedback is that it needs more tweaks, but this is fine and good and still pursuant to the goal of being ready to knock out the rest of a rough draft during NaNoWriMo. #NotTakingTwoMoreYearsToReachTheEnd :raritydespair:
  • Does anyone remember Looking for Trouble: A Postapocalyptic Cowboy Noir? No? Yeah. My latest contender for "weirdest and least popular story" got rejected by EqD a while back, but das rejecter sent back some good comments that I think I'm finally ready to do something with. Hoping to knock out a revised draft here shortly. Blame MisterNick for inspiration.
  • If you follow the Writeoff Association, you might've seen an appearance of EqG Limestone Pie in a story I recently wrote called Bra Quest! And if you don't by chance follow the Writeoff Association, consider what you're missing out on. :derpytongue2: Anyway, the process of refining Writeoff stories for FimFiction always has its ups and downs, but I've got one prereader lined up for draft #2 and I'll probably look for another here shortly.
  • Did I mention I was going to Ponyville Ciderfest again? And that they're letting me do a panel again? And that the panel is with none other than Vivid Syntax?! No? Well, now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

So, yeah. Brace yourself: October is coming. :rainbowdetermined2: (Er, I mean, it's here. I meant the rest of it is... nevermind. I'll see myself out.)

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Tone might be completely off, but the colour pallet and retro aesthetic reminds me of Scandroid:

New Retro Wave synth goodness!

'll spare you the sob story, though it involves getting diagnosed with sleep apnea, and receiving a CPAP machine

Sounds like sobs of joy to me...! Glad to hear that has gotten sorted. Here is to a restful, refreshing, complete night of sleep!

Holy crap that album is hitting the spot right now. :twilightsmile:


that album is hitting the spot right now.

Courtesy of Klayton of Blue Stalhi and Celldweller note.

If you like that retro synth style (it is scary to think that is almost old enough to be called "classic"), the NewRetroWave channel has tonnes more where that came from.

That game seems very retro, indeed.

Deffo gonna check that out. I never really went in for New Wave when it was new, but that album is lightyears beyond anything I remember hearing back in the day.

It's gloriously retro, but clearly made for the modern era, if that makes sense. The action is good, though, which is the main thing. I picked up a couple "modern" fighters over the summer that have lots more flash and glitz but fall short on the baseline fun-factor.

So is it free to play, but with purchasable characters? Or how does that work?

Nah, it's a traditional pay-up-front game. No DLC or anything. It's just really really inexpensive--I paid all of 59 cents for it when it was on sale this weekend.

I always miss the good steam sales. :facehoof:

Well, I had it on my wishlist for a while before I finally up and got it. Seems like it goes back on sale every couple of months, so it's not gone forever.

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