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Someone who doesn't know how to describe herself, is always struggling with debilitating depression, and won't stop hanging onto the hope that happy endings are possible.

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Just an update about . . . stuff · 12:19am Oct 1st, 2017

The pace at which people update here is just . . . I can't even. When someone writes a whole story before releasing a single chapter then, sure, I can see how that story would go up quickly. But when someone's posting as they go, pausing to proofread and such, even at my best I'd never be making content at the speeds I've been seeing.

I'm not at my best.

I was going to try to sum up. There is too much. There's been more than a year of Hell. Almost six months in I broke my ankle in three places. I had to stay off certain medications for months after the surgery. The chemistry of my body still hasn't quite gotten back to normal. The stuff that would take too long to explain has been happening to my sister instead of me, but it's been enormously stressful for everyone even remotely involved.

I'll be updating A New Path Forward and I'll probably start another thing (how does "Stumbling Toward Good" sound as a title?) that I've already written some of, it's another Sunset Shimmer story (I told you I had around half a dozen in my head) that begins after her defeat in the first movie and follows her story forward without time-skips.

So nothing's changed there, though that is more information than I've given before, but I really, really hope no one is expecting me to update as fast as I've seen some people doing.

I plod. My pace is plodding. Expect slow.

And yes, forbloodysummer, the title of the last post was a Battlestar Galactica reference. Of course, it was a reference to Battlestar Galactica referencing H.G. Wells. I haven't read the Wells, though.

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