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I really like changelings.

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  • 1 week
    So, about those chapters.

    I came back to the site with the promise of more chapters. And I started writing! But then Christmas happened. And then real life kicked in. And now it's 3 months later, and I've not posted anything.

    Long story short, the only writing I'm doing at the moment is commissioned writing. I will try to work on my Screwball story once I have my current commission out of the way. Sorry.

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  • 13 weeks

    The school semester is over. New chapters soon.

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  • 22 weeks
    Where Have I Been? - An Update

    Long story short, college happened, and I've started up a TTRPG again. Between those things, I don't really have much time for anything else, and the time I do have I usually use to read. However, I've been by no means entirely dead on the writing front since I last wrote things for this website. Here's a preview of some fanfics I have been working on whenever I can.

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  • 34 weeks

    I've written the third chapter of The Day the Show Reset a few times, but I think I finally have an outline I'm comfortable with. In addition to the promised bacon, as well as the promised increased length, I can also promise that the chapter will contain at least a small amount of cheese. Stay tuned!

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  • 38 weeks
    Rakadi & Ahe'eyo: A Quick & Dirty Guide

    I mentioned in my author's note for Rakadi & Ahe'eyo: The Language Barrier that I created two entire languages for use exclusively in my story. I figured I'd put out there exactly how the two languages function (or, at least, how the bits of it function that were relevant to the story).

    Rakadi's Language: Yamnaic

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Working on a story outline · 3:20am Sep 30th, 2017

I'm attempting to mash together VTM type junk and FiM.

Here, have a teaser image.

Oh and also I'm moving soon. Eugh.

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