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I Had a Day · 11:15pm Sep 29th, 2017

I had another one of those days that everyone keeps talking about.

So, I got up late for my only class today at 12. I was running about 40 minutes late when I got off the train and entered the building. When I got inside, I realized the place was barren. Like, no students whatsoever. There were a few people on staff about the place, but no student in sight. The security guard lets me through like normal, so I just assumed that everyone must've been in their class already. I walk over to the elevators and take it up to the seventh floor. Once I got there, again, there were no students. I'm scratching my head, but I still head over to my class. There's no one inside, with a poster next to it saying that there are no classes scheduled.

Throughout my adventure, I see that there is an open door. My first instinct would normally be to just go back to the elevators and leave back home, but I'm feeling special, and I go over to the classroom and go inside. there's nobody there, not even a teacher, and I think that they'll come back soonish. For some reason, I pick up a piece of chalk and, after a few seconds of thinking, I write what I want on the board:

The true enemy of humanity is disorder

which is a quote from Overwatch. After feeling thoroughly badass, I leave the classroom and go downstairs.

Once I get out of the building, I go back to the train station, which won't let me through. Apparently, it thinks that I ain't shit, so it decides to lock me out for 15 minutes. I sigh but go up to find one of those Nathan's hot dog carts and order some crinkle fries drizzled with cheese and bacon. After I enjoy those, the train decides it's time for me to get back home.

The train ride was less entertaining, but the bus ride was easily the worst part of my day.

See, I forgot that in NY, schools get out around 3. When I got on the bus, I didn't expect to be greeted with a swarm of adolescents 15 minutes later. And I swear, these kids are the fucking WORST. Especially this one girl, probably in the sixth or seventh grade with purple and blue hair,over here looking like Bliss that came barrelling onto the bus with her stupid friends and nearly knocked over this woman's child.

Now, this isn't Canada or Detroit, so we settle our disputes in the only way we know how. By getting reeeeally close to hitting someone, but not actually. So this mother who just her kid tackled by this all-star mistake started yelling at the kid, and the kid and her friends started yelling back. Then the bus driver jumped in and it was awful. So, I did the best thing I could do. I put on my headphones and read a manga. Eventually, the two quieted down, and I thought that everything was gonna be fine.

Because this fucking asshole challenged child decided that she was gonna call the only person who could solve her problems for her. She got her loud as all hell mom on the phone and started bitching to her on full blast. So, the argument started up again, because apparently, a peaceful and civil conversation is for GROMMETS!

I got off the bus soon after that. I really wouldn't mind if suddenly, the words just decided to set that bus on fire. Where's Milo when you need him...

That's all for right now, but I'm sure I'm gonna have something else to talk about in the near future.

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