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Howdy fellow readers and writers. My name is Tiger; I'm a storyteller and I want to write epic stories no one has ever written before.

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Long Time Coming. Buh-Bye FIMfiction · 11:31pm Sep 27th, 2017

Wow, it feels like five years since I last logged on here. But in reality it's been one year. Wow, just wow. And yes I'm alive for some of you who were curious or concerned. 'XD

Well lets get the Band-Aid off in one swipe shall we? I'm done with FIMfiction, have been for a long while now. Last year when I wrote about me leaving and moving on to other things, it was just about the time to move on. But I felt guilty. I felt like I had unfinished business with Treasured Moon and Stars 3 and City Scape and I didn't want to disappoint you all that have been around since my very first story. You guys, I hope so anyway, saw me improve in those short years. I feel like I did. But it all matters to the readers, to be honest. '^^

But yeah I moved out of FIMfiction and moved in to Deviant Art where I still write stories and do art from time to time. I even been playing more video games (TF2 mostly.) and continuing school. And I'm unsure where I should go. Back then I had an idea but now it's just an impossible dream. I mean not impossible it's just ... that's what everyone is doing. Something artsy or multimedia and that's difficult to get to for me. I guess I'm old fashioned that way. You don't need a degree to do what you love and prove you can do it, but that's the world we live in. You have the credentials you, get the job. No matter how talented or passionate you are.

But enough about that. I still have FIM on an email but don't expect me to come back and reply back. I'm going to get rid of the stories that have been discontinued here and put the long waited stories into discontinued until I come back a year later and delete them. That should give people time to read what was written and come up with their own ending.

So I'll leave you guys with some links. If you still want to follow me even after I left most of you in the dark for the past year, you can find me at these locations.

My DA Page
I still go by as TigerSwirl. I post fanfics, some pony art, and SFM posters.
My Steam Page
I changed my name to EngieTiger there. Be sure to leave a comment on my page so that way I know you knew me from FIMfiction. ;) Or you can always join me on a TF2 match if the server's not full anyway. 'XD

And I also have an Amino account. Just look up EngieTiger and you should find me. Easy giveaway. My background is orange with my TF2 persona Tiger the Engineer. I'm mostly on the TF2 Amino app. Fun place to be if you're still into or just started into Team Fortress 2

I thank you guys for giving me the jump start I needed into the community and on the internet. Thanks to you guys, I've been more open with myself. I've continued writing and enjoying all the stories I can write up, and well thanks to MLP too I guess. 'XD Though I sort of moved on from pony these past few months, it was fun while it lasted. I still think the older episodes were better. 'XD But that's just me.

Anyway keep on being positive and I hope to see you guys again soon. Stay in school, stay warm or chill where ever you are, have a good day or a good evening. Later guys!:heart::heart::heart::heart:

EDIT: Well got some good news for you TMS Readers. Since I wrote this post and read some comments I began to feel that gnawing regret again. '^^ I looked back at my work on TMS 3 and I ended up writing again. Yes, TMS 3 is back and alive with a pulse. 'XD I'll probably be posting the chapters on DA. I will be writing a journal entry on DA when I start posting that story there, not here but over there. So be on the look out for that. ;) Alright later!

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Comments ( 6 )

If you want to move on, then I wish you the best. But as a fan of Treasure & Moon could you finish the story on your Deviant Art account?

I concur. That is a great read and I want to be able to see it's end

you can do whatever you want my friend, no matter the diplomas of papers, believe me. I wish all the luck in the universe.


Well I got some good news for you two and others reading this in the future. :) I'm in the process of returning back into TMS 3 and slowly getting back into writing the story. I am thinking of posting it on DA since I have no idea, at this moment, if anything has changed here since I last posted a chapter here. Also it'll feel weird if I started posting here after I said I've left. ^^'

Anyway it'll be a little while, alright? I will start posting TMS 3 stuff soon. I've been working on it after rereading the past two stories the past few days. And to be honest, I want to get this beast of a story finished! XD I know how it ends, I know what'll happen to the characters, I know the end of these mysteries and plot points, it's the matter of writing it in words for it to be officially complete.

Well there ya go. 'XD TMS coming to a close. Later guys!

I'll be looking forward to it.

Thanks man. Glad that you're still doing what you enjoy even if it isn't on here.

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