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  • 167 weeks
    Well, I am still alive. Status update

    I was pretty much gone from here for a good bit.

    First and foremost, I published a new story. Nothing amazing, but I do hope it's a nice enough read. It's tagged in this blog post, so if you haven't already, please consider checking it out ^^

    So, what have I been up to and why was I so inactive?

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  • 186 weeks
    So, where am I at?

    Huh. Well, I had planned to have a new story out quite a while ago. It is actually written, but I still need to go through editing.

    First of all, I need to apologize. I truly am sorry to be as inactive as I currently am.

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  • 194 weeks
    New SFM poster, probably my last one

    I got into SFM by chance, and while it was fun I was never truly passionate about it. For various reasons I took a long break from it, to now come back and realize that I lost the little amount of skill I did have. That being said, I decided to create one last piece. It's nothign amazing, I'd call it decent at best, but still it serves as my goodbye to SFM :twilightsmile:

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  • 195 weeks
    Plans and thanks

    So, I have been rather dormant ever since "Aftershow" was released. I apologize for that, I just didn't feel the drive to write. However, I now know what story I will be writing next, and will begin working on it very soon, so new content should come out in like, I dunno, probably about two weeks ( I am slow and lazy XD ).

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  • 196 weeks
    Support the Barcast, please ^^

    Hey, you know those guys? Flutterpriest, enigmated otaku, and some other big names from fimfic.
    Yeah, as you probably also know, they run a little podcast called "Barcast", which is a ton of fun.

    And, you maybe also know that all the money they earn from patreon and youtube goes to support a real life horse through charity. Awesome, right?

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My first sfm art :D · 4:31pm Sep 27th, 2017

I recently downloaded sfm and decided to actually use it. Naturally, i would create something pony related that features Twilight :twilightsmile:

So, after 3 hours of work that include learning how to operate the damn program, i created this
( couldn't figure out how to show the image itself on here :twilightblush: )

I'm still a total novice at this, so if you happen to know a thing or two about it and have any tips, feel free to tell me :twilightsmile:

Report Fedairkid · 217 views · #sfm
Comments ( 5 )

Sorry to say but I don't even know what that is. :applecry:

Sfm, sourcefilmmaker. Animationprogram for the source engine. Click the link an you'll see.

Or do you mean it's so bad that “you don't even know what this is“ ? Which might very well be the case :rainbowlaugh:

No I seriously have just never heard of it, does it exist for iPad as well?

I think it's pretty good! :twilightsmile:

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