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FMF 31: 22 September 2017 · 4:57am Sep 24th, 2017

Hey guys, and welcome back to another Fandom Music Friday. Although FimFiction is unblocked on my campus, YouTube is not. I cannot foresee this being overturned since I don't own content on YouTube and therefore can't leverage Title 17 against the college like last time. Sadly, that means that my ability to go out and find new music is severely limited. Not to worry; my friendly neighborhood Panera is there to act as a home away from my home away from home.

It's been a good long while since I've truly been blown away by a piece of music. Lucky me, I found two new pieces of music today that did just that, the second one being a sequel of the first. The style, genre, and quality of the pieces I found took me right back to the OG brony musicians like Tombstone and Toaster. Any time a piece of music gives me chills, there's generally a very good reason.

Performed by PegasYs, produced and published by Proctra, this piece is written from the PoV of an S5 premiere Starlight Glimmer. These guys realized in 2015 what took me a full year longer: Starlight Glimmer genuinely thought she was doing the right thing. From her point of view, Twilight was the one pushing propaganda. The lyrics and the delivery are what really got me and sent chills down my spine. This part in particular got to me:
"See the only way to be happy
Is to sacrifice your individuality."
I'm not sure if it's the delivery, the lyrics themselves, or some combination, but I do know that this is an absolutely amazing song performed and produced by very talented individuals.

You could probably figure out which song is the sequel just from the recommended videos list on the sidebar, but for your convenience, here's the link to Starlight Returns.

History Reimagined: (priority--high)
          Goal: very approx. 65K+ words
          Progress: 25.9K words
          Projected chapters: approx. 10-20 (?) (Might make chapters smaller than in History Lesson)
          Release date: Fall 2017

History Lesson Bonus/Cut Content: (priority--medium)
          Projected: ~3-5K words
          Progress: 1.6K words

Star Wars: Clone Wars crossover/colab: (priority--low)
Blog with link to the story Story no longer exists in its current form. Sorry.
          Goal: ~13.5-14.5K words
          Progress: Complete! (13.9K words)
Projected release date: Pending...

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