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Heigh Ho Heigh Ho, It's Off to 'Rado I Go! · 10:41pm September 23rd

For the next week from the 24th to the 30th, I'm going to be out of house. Out of Florida. Out of region. I'm part of an public archaeological with EarthWatch excavating in the Colorado Pueblo communities. So needless to say I'm going to be out of reach for a time as I'm not sure they're going to have Wi-Fi during the dig and lab downtime. Silver lining? No work hours and less access to my Steam Games means I'm pretty much going to be spending the lion's share of my downtime after hours and on the plane rides on Bridge writing, so I foresee the next chapter and potentially more being done by the time I get back. I'll be sure to take some pictures of the place for ya'll to see when I get back!

Additionally, I've teamed up with the Youtube Channel, Star Wars Connections; a group of commentators and speculators. I got invited to help write out a cast as well as guest-star in it. Current topic was influence Halo and Star Wars potentially had on each other, but I hope to join in on more in the future talking about both topics in the franchise, speculation, fandom reactions, and tropes. Hope you enjoy!

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Oh I have no doubt Halo had some inspirations from Star Wars. A lot of Sci-Fi nowadays owe their ideas to Star Wars.

Ahh whatever happened to that response you were working on? :fluttercry:

I'm not too upset, but i feel a little bummed out.

Sounds like a blast. Enjoy Colorado man. :twilightsmile:

Enjoy your trip, sounds like an interesting time.


Indeed. The video was more to see what tropes Halo codified into Sci-Fi that might have flowed back into Star Wars.



Extremely nervous, but excited. Thanks guys :twilightsmile:

Thanks man. Do get as many pictures of your trip as you can! :twilightsmile:

Hope you have a good time man. Let us know if you find some fossils on any of your digs. :)

And yeah, Star Wars has had a pretty big impact on not just Sci-Fi, but fantasy as well when it comes to tropes of storytelling. Heck, in a thousand years, Star Wars will be up there with the Greek Pantheon when it comes to timeless stories. :)

Sweet. I hope you find something awesome out there.

Damn, looks like you're gonna be most of the state away. Oh well. Hopefully you enjoy your stay- just be aware it'll be hella dry compared to what you're used to.

Before you leave Tarb, can you just confirm that you got the WC e-mail?

Aside from that, enjoy your dig!

Using airport wi-fi before I gotta leave. Confirmed I got it and am proofing. Will send soon as I got a connection.

Hope you have a great time on your trip.

You find yourself in CO Springs, oughta say somethin'.

Hope that was fun, Tarb. And congrats on the video.

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