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Eeeeeeee! · 7:25pm Sep 23rd, 2017

Warning: Slight spoiler for the newest episode ahead.

Mage Meadowbrook was an earth pony! :pinkiegasp: This is more than I could've hoped for! :pinkiehappy: Earth ponies can perform amazing magic! Not just that, but she discovered eight (or was it nine?) famous magical artifacts! Maybe now we can finally put the “elitist unicorn” fanon to rest.

And now I'm curious as to how and why Meadowbrook/Mystical Mask disappeared. It would be a good topic for fanfiction to explore.

Wonderful episode. Keep 'em coming, DHX. :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile::raritystarry::ajsmug:

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Comments ( 6 )

*wonders when the next alicorn story will be*

I suspect this season's legends are leading up to some kind of mythic dream team in the finale.

Also, while I'm always happy to see canon earth pony magic, Twilight saying Meadowbrook was a unicorn in "The Cutie Map" makes me more than a little frustrated.

Good catch; I couldn't remember if Twilight had identified Meadowbrook's tribe in "The Cutie Map." Either the writers forgot, or this is a deliberate retcon and they were hoping the audience would forget (ha!).

With how things have been going, I decided a few weeks ago to watch the show again.

Good choice. I think it improved since last season.

You would be correct. The s7 finale synopsis seems to imply all 6 legends eill be returning to the present time to join with the Mane 6 (or 7 if glimmy is there)

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