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  • 179 weeks
    Finally new chapters

    Through a long time of writing, My internet being shut off for a time, A brand new full time job, A accidental concussion.

    I finally remade, The legend of Lee Roy to where I am happy. A big thank you to Cinder Vel and Swift Lance for helping me improve my writing the only way now is forward to new chapters, new mistakes, and better story's.

    EternalPony once known a Lee Roy.

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  • 184 weeks
    My head hurts

    Well, just as things start to look up I go and get myself hurt - I got a concussion about three days ago.
    (I tried to move a sign, after almost getting hit by a car to prevent that from happening again.)

    It is not fun.

    My head hurts constantly, i'm more easily confused, minor mood swings - but I'm still trucking along, Writing the best I can.

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  • 190 weeks
    The best news I could ever have.

    I just got a full time job!

    This solves all of my problems, no longer will I have to worry about bills and the amount of hours of work I get each day. I will even be put on a set schedule so I will know when I have time off - which means more writing!

    As always have a nice day

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  • 190 weeks
    A sneakpeek into the next chapter

    Twilight could not help but squirm in her seat, she tried to not look to antsy - even if she was failing miserably.

    When she was half dragged here by Rarity she quickly rushed out saying something about her boutique, leaving Twilight and Lee Roy with the spa sisters.

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  • 190 weeks
    A Title of titles

    Hello! Hope everyone is having a nice day today.

    Due to work I could not write as soon as I would have wanted, But now after the more busy days of working a retail job I can finally add some finishing touches to what I have already done.

    As for my hiatus, this may be a thing I would do every year around the same time as I started - because work and bills.

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Far to little time, and Ninja Robots · 7:59pm Sep 21st, 2017

Probably the best title I'm ever going to have.

Hello random pony people as you can see I am not dead, I'm just very, very busy.

I have been hard at work, working. Got to keep that steady income, can't let my family live out on the street now can I.

But, during most of my free time I decided to take up a writing class to improve some of my grammar and make words better.

The rest of my time has been taken up by my new addiction (this is where the Ninja Robots come in) a little game called Warframe I already feel right at home in this grindy shooter - even if I only played for only two hours.

But no worries my loving fans I have not forgotten and I am still hard at work writing and I do plan to finish what I have started. I even put what I have already learned to practice in the the few chapters that I already have, your welcome.

Please have a nice day as always.
Aka- EternalPony - for my Tenno brothers and sisters.

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Ok, thanks for wishing me a great night.

Good to hear from you :)

And write on

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