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Cast Change in My Little Mages · 11:15am Sep 21st, 2017

In last week's episode; Daring Do, Pinkie Pie, and Rainbow Dash learned the tale of Somnambula. And with that, I cannot in good faith keep Somnambula as she is presented in My Little Mages: The Revenge of Nightmare Moon and by extension, the rest of my My Little Mages work.
So I am going to have to change the cast.

(Here's hoping they don't use Catrina or Grogar... )

Currently, I am thinking of using Hydia, one the first three main antagonists of Gen 1, first appearing in the 1986 movie, which historian of the franchise would note was after 1984's 'Rescue at Midnight Castle' (one of the most common names for the unnamed very first MLP animation) and 1985's Escape from Catrina.

If anyone thinks I should use another character, please feel free to suggest, the changes concerning Somnabula in my works will be made within a week and will be deemed finalized and canonical to the AU on Oct. 31st, after the season 7 finale.

Foxhelm, out.

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Comments ( 5 )

What good faith? You wrote your Somnambula BEFORE that episode came out.

Look at all the great fanfics that didn't change things up to suit new canon.

Besides you based yours off her G1 counterpart. Even Derpibooru is discerning the two.

EDIT: Now I think on it, might make a good gag if G4!Somnambula is what they first think of instead of who G1!Somnambula actually is, to the latter's annoyance.

What exactly are the differences between the two I am not remembering it at the moment?

More importantly is it so different you cannot hand waive it away due to that story being a local legend. Legends change over time and between cultures so the story in main area around Canterlot may be very different.

True I wrote the fic in question before the episode, but also before the episode I said in my author's notes of Chapter two of My Little Mages: The Lost Student

First, the Shadowbolts as presented, much like Catrina, Somnambula, and Grogar, are subjectable to retcon. Unlike the three villains who are subjectable to retcon from the show, the five Shadowbolts are from Didj's art.

, hence the good faith. I also likely said something similar in my other works, but

I don't care what other fics did, or if Derpibooru discerns the two, I already said I would.

Also, the gag wouldn't work that way in this AU narratively as Gen 1 Somnambula was used before the FiM Somnabula was written. If I were to use that gag it would be in the reverse, and wouldn't work for the purpose of the gag.


Gen1 Somnabula was a witch that used magic to put ponies to sleep and keep herself young, in my AU as it currently stands, she's a succubus that foght both Granny Smith and Applejack, in FiM both the show and the comic she's a hero and one of the six legendary ponies, in the comics she's presented in a discusion between Pinkie and Sunburst, in the show... watch Daring Done.

I am not sure I can hand waive it away, as this is a local tale. As I said before, I already said I would change/retcon my portayals of Somnambula, Catrina and Grogar.

Maybe there could be two different Somnambulas - one villainous, the other heroic. The heroic Somnambula could be a distant relative of the villainous one, trying to atone for the original's villainy (i.e. what would be referred to in TV Tropes terms as a Redeeming Replacement). Just because a hero and a villain have the same name does NOT mean they are the same individual.

At least that's the best I can think of.

Going off of the source materials, which includes the season 7 finale episode symposids, that troupe won't work.

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