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Shadow Play (Season 7 Finale) · 9:38am Sep 21st, 2017

Yeah, I'm getting good vibes from this story that I haven't really had for an finale since Season 4.

Here's a little prediction about what I would like to see:

I think that the six Legends of Magic (Star Swirl, Mistmane, Somnabula, Rockhoof, Flash Magnus and Meadowbrook) sacrificed themselves to trap the Pony of Shadows in Limbo. Possibly, it is attracted to powerful ponies and tries to leech off their power to sustain itself. When Twilight frees them, she inadvertently also frees the Pony of Shadows.

This is why Shadow Lock was trying to erase the six Legends from history. If no-one knew of them, no-one could attempt to free them and, therefore, the PoS would remain trapped forever.

I'm still hoping that Shadow Lock is in the two-parter. However, given that Star Swirt, Rockhoof, Mistmane, et al are going to be in it, I doubt that there would be room for another guest star.

At the climax, I think that the six Legends will sacrifice themselves to weaken the Pony of Shadows because their ends would cut it off from its magical supply. Possibly then the Rainbow Power will be enough to reduce it to stone. However, I would still like for Shadow Lock to have a role and maybe be seriously injured protecting Twilight from the Pony of Shadows (it's attempting to leech of her magic to sustain itself).

At the very end, the spirit of Star Swirl tells Twilight not to mourn. The Legends of Magic are not gone; rather the Mane Six are now the new Legends of Magic - The legendary defenders of Equestria from enemies magical and mudane alike.

  • Twilight Sparkle = Star Swirl
  • Applejack = Rockhoof
  • Rarity = Mistmane
  • Rainbow Dash = Flash Magnus
  • Fluttershy = Meadowbrook?
  • Pinkie Pie = Somnabula?

Maybe the spirits of the Legends will then present their successors with some token (Starswirl's staff, Flash Magnus's shield and the like) to prove that they are worthy.

Possible epilogue: Shadow Lock wakes up in a room in the Crystal Palace with Twilight Sparkle watching over him. There is some suggestion that she has an interest that goes a bit further than that of a Princess for a subject who risked himself for her.

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Comments ( 2 )

I'm looking forward to it too; it'll be amazing to actually meet Star Swirl at last.

I wonder who'll voice him...David Kaye? Sir Patrick Stewart? Some random actor whom we've never heard of?

I like all of that... EXCEPT for the last one. XD

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