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How Not to Use Your Royal Prerogative Chapter 3: Introductions is Live! · 5:09pm Sep 18th, 2017

You know, I have no idea why this is a big thing, posting a blog entry when a new story goes live. I was told it's better to let your readers know because, with the new feed, it's easy to miss story updates now?

I dunno.

But have a new chapter! And meet the one and only Coloratura in the Wavelengths Timeline!

EHow Not To Use Your Royal Prerogative
After going to Coloratura's concert, Sunset gets both good news and bad news. Somepony stole her identity and is running around with her face. That's the good news.
Novel-Idea · 67k words  ·  205  4 · 1.8k views



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Comments ( 1 )

Yeah, the new feed shows author avatar plus story name and chapter name, but not author name, story cover art or story description, so updates really are easy to miss. It's kind of annoying, but the season for complaining about new fimfic has passed, I guess. We didn't need all those QoL features, anyway.

The other thing posting new chapter blogs does is makes them show up for people who follow you, but don't track the story. Following doesn't include chapter updates, for some reason.

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