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I'm just a simple writer sharing his hobby with the world, hope you all enjoy.

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Well, I cant really believe it's come to this. · 2:44am Sep 17th, 2017

Well guys, I am about to do something which....well, some may chose to hate it, but really, that doesn't matter in the end, for I have my reasons for choosing to do this.

So, no sense beating around the bush anymore, I have created a Patreon page, but before you all go attacking me for it, here are my reasons for making it.

I have never really said it, but my financial situation is.....well, not good. I have no job, and survive on the flimsy amount of $1090 a month between Social Security and Public assistance, as well as $250 a month in Food-Stamps. My expenses are not bad when it comes to this, for my rent is $436 a month, my electric bill is $90 a month, my internet bill is $90, and finally my food budget is 450 a month, which leaves me with a grand total of $274 to use on other expenses. Now this may not sound bad, and it would not be in any other circumstance, especially if I lived alone, for I would be able to live very comfortably.

However, I do not live alone. My mother lives with me, and I am responsible for a lot of her care, from medical expenses to making sure she takes her meds, and it can be quite tiring at times. Now, even with this, it was still manageable, and I was even able to save some money each month. However, this all changed after my mom got diagnosed with cancer.

As anyone who was around the time knows, my mom did make it through her chemo treatments, however this had one nasty side effect. Her diet has completely changed due to how the chemo changed her body, and sadly it hasn't been for the better. She is currently on three separate diets, lactose free, gluten free, the Fodmap diet, oh, and she also cant have any processed meats like sausage and such.

As you can imagine, this raises many problems, for I have to work the food budget around these obstacles, and the one that is causing the most damage sadly is the gluten free diet. If you don’t know, gluten free foods are few and far between, and thus are expensive as fuck. I have to by gluten free flour so that I can make fried foods for her, I have to by gluten free bread so she can have toast and sandwiches, and I have to by gluten free noodles so that she can have...well, noodles.

Again, these are all very expensive, and thus, I am usually left with no money by the end of the month because I have to dip into the money that’s left over. So, I am creating a patreon, to hopefully expand the amount of money I have available and thus, give myself a little breathing room and reduce some of the stress that these money worries have been causing me...stress that has impacted my writing skills these past few years.

I cant promise any rewards at this time, but, I will be promising this. I will be dedicating myself to two stories, one which will be picked by you guys from the stories I already have, while the other will be from my After The Fallout series, to keep my creativity flowing. To that end, I will be going back to fulfill the promise I made a while back, when I asked all you guys to vote on a story.

So, along with this blog post, I will be releasing the next chapter of Her Princess Charming, which I will be working on till it’s completion, and then you guys will get to pick the next story, and so on and so forth, till I have to create more.

So, for those who want to, here is the link to my Patreon Page, any patronage will be appreciated, and till next time, this is Futile Task, signing off.

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