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Big change incoming. Prepare yourselves. · 4:41pm Sep 16th, 2017

So, where's the new chapter? The answer to that is complicated. For the past few weeks I've been thinking over a few things and recently even started discussing it in depth with the donors on Patreon. So, to make this simple for you all. I will be changing the name of "How many lovers have you made today?" to "How many have you forgiven today?". This includes a change to the current image and description, etc.

Now, some of you may be thinking. What gives? The fact is, considering the direction of this story, the current name just doesn't fit. So, what does that mean about the romance? Simple. The romance will happen in the third book, which will appropriately be named "How many lovers have you made today?". From there, it will focus on the romance, as opposed to all this forgiveness stuff.

So, wait, does that mean Anon is going to forgive Twilight?

That I can't tell you but will be revealed in the chapters to come. I want you to know I don't make this change lightly. It's been discussed, thought about and even prototype chapters made. However, I found this to be the best outcome for all parties. This may be upsetting for some but that's not something I can help. It's just the way things work when you write without any planning. So, probably by today, you will notice these changes and in the next chapter I will link to this blog for anyone who hasn't read it.

Thanks for all the support and I'll be seeing you guys in the next chapter.

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Comments ( 24 )

I'm a big boy. I can take it!:eeyup:

I like the name change; it fits. In my opinion, some of the romance parts felt forced and didn't mesh very well with the rest of the story. Maybe we'll get the best of both worlds with a third book focused on hoers luv.

Comment posted by Mememachine deleted Sep 16th, 2017

I'm fine with the change. What excites me most is that there will be a third story!:yay::yay::yay:

honestly the new title fits better and feels a lot better because who just jumps from being friends to lovers you have to have something in between and I feel like the story is like a tinder box just waiting for a spark to ignite it and boy oh boy I cant wait to see this fire BURN

Interesting, does this mean most of what has happened so far will be removed and retconned to the third? Or just that the romance plot will be carefully put to one side?

For the time being, I believe the story will remain untouched. The main focus of the next story will be the romance plot. Seeing as the current story has more of a focus with Twilight and Anon.

On one hand, I understand perfectly and agree with this decision. But on the other...

It makes sense considering the direction the story has taken.
Keep up the good work.

Aaaaawwwww shit, son! Now, it's gonna get real! I'll admit I was a little confused when I saw the changed title in my favorites, but I gotta say the change is welcome! Not that the story wasn't good before, it just had a lot of different things going on, I think this will give it a tighter focus! Let it handle one thing at a time.

makes sense to me. also means sequal

Anon forgiving twilight is a possibility if all that is implied she did to him is true. It happens IRL. But they would not be friends. No way.

Anon will need to learn to forgive himself before forgiving others. Or twilight. Or both :/ Or none to be honest. Let the emo (emotional) train roll

I freaked out when the title changed because I couldn't find the old title in my favorites. I support the change though, and am looking forward to the third installment as well.

I love the story and the change does fit better. I look forward to the next chapter and the next story too.

A new name? A new description? :pinkiegasp:
Now this is going to take a different path. :rainbowderp:
I can't wait to see where this story will go.
On a side note, the new name sees more fitting with everything that is happening now in the story. I like it :pinkiehappy:

The romance will happen in the third book, which will appropriately be named "How many lovers have you made today?".


Much as I like how much better it fits... Dangit now I have to redo my entire saved copies of this >_>

Hey. You gave a explanation and told your reasons for this. I do not mind at all. This is your story and we're just along for the right.

I have to say when I saw this new title I thought it was a new story and I was like wow I must have completely missed the last story but once I look through it I was like you must of decided to change the title so I have no problems with it really it actually makes sense the way how to focus of the story is going it seemed more focus on Twilight and Anon so yeah the title make perfect sense.

Wait just a god dam- *reads rest of blog* ... well, that explauns that. At first I thought you were changing to to be AnonxSparkle and was about to flip my lid.

Comment posted by VcSaJen deleted Sep 23rd, 2017
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