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State of the Creed · 10:17am Sep 16th, 2017

I usually don't like to pollute my followers' feeds with incessant status updates, but I noticed the view count for the latest Dominant Creed chapter creeping above 1000, and it's been almost three months now, so perhaps it's time to make an exception.

I had a bit of a falling-out with an editor that I showed an early outline of the next chapter to, which threw me into a nasty writer's block over the summer. But work is still going on, and I do manage several hundred words a week these days.

Said early outline is where the clop begins to develop some early signs of plot. It has since been split into two chapters, the first of which currently stands at 5840 words. It may need to be split again before I'm done with it. I'm not making any promises about when it will be out, but I hope it will be worth the wait -- though, of course, you will be the judges of that.

That'll be all. Troposphere out, and sorry for the interruption.

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Glad to hear you've not let negativity get you down.

I'm very excited for the next chapter and I can't wait to read it.

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