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Advice from a Retired Fimfiction User · 5:31pm Sep 13th, 2017

This is probably the most important blog post I ever create, so show this to any noobs you encounter and stuff. But seriously, do give it a look.

A lot of you guys know me as MargopoloGX. I’ve taken on a new identity now, however, because I am ashamed of my old name and the things I have done while carrying that title. I just want to clarify that, that is why I changed my username. Just a little backstory on why I changed my username, for those who are wondering.

Now, I’m essentially a retired fimfic user. I’m still active on the site and whatnot, but I’ve almost completely stopped writing. So, I have decided to pass on my wisdom to everyone on the platform. Without further ado, here is my advice on being on fimfiction! Serious blog post definitely.

(Get on with it, dammit!)

Fluffy be serious. (Fluffysam is helping with this blog post because it'll take too long to do it by myself so thanks lol) (No prob. Now onto the blog!)

Getting Started on Fimfiction
Before I decided to write any stories on fimfiction, I first had to make myself known as an active commenter. In groups or on others’ stories, if you can make yourself known as a frequent commentator and active user, you'll be able to set up a foundation to your fimfiction success.
(this isn’t what I did, but everyone’s different. Plus, I was too shy at first. I might make a blog later but for now… Nah. Not ready to “retire” yet.)

Wooo retirement is fun. (everyone’s different, Arqui)

When it comes to stories on fimfiction, I have a lot of advice regarding that.
(Me too) As a lot of people know, my stories aren't the best, so the advice I'm gonna give you guys is gonna be the opposite of what I did back in the day.

Have your story planned out. That was the main problem with my stories (besides your grammar), the fact that I thought up all of the plot points as I wrote. (Oh, I think I have that problem too. Don’t follow our examples, kids.) I’d advise thinking about all of the main plot points before writing your story. It's sort of like writing an outline. (Y’know. Like they have you do in grammar class.) And do you know what the best thing about this is? Outlines are mostly flexible. If you don't want to stick to the original plan, you can add to your outline and change a few things to fit into your plan. You shouldn't stick with the story that you don't want to do, mostly because you'll almost immediately fall out of love with it. (If you don’t love your story, you won’t want to write it. And not wanting to write it will make the quality 1000 times worse. If you need a break, take one. Don’t keep writing just because your readers are pressuring you about it. It’s your story. Take your time if you must.) Adding onto that, if you don't like your story or how it's going, you may feel the need to cancel it or just stop writing in general. (Which is fine!) When you stop writing, the readers will crave more of your story and it will create an endless CYCLE OF READERS BASHING ON THE AUTHOR FOR MORE OF THE FNAF SERIES THAT I WROTE, NO I AM NEVER BRINGING TRAVIS BACK YOU STUPID LITTLE READING PARASITES!!!!!!!! (*blinks* uuuuhh moving on..?) Yeah, onto the next thing.

Having an Editor. An editor is one of the best things that you can possibly have if you are actively writing stories on fimfiction. You don't need to have one, but it's just nice to have an editor around to tell you that your story sucks and that you should stop writing. (I mean, not always. Some are nice. The stories where I have an editor, they were nice about it… Mostly.) Mine were also nice. Mostly because I entrust two people to help me edit. And they happen to be close friends. Don't look into it, get an editor. [Not paid, that's a waste of money. Just get a friend to help or something.] (Get me. I’m pretty good at grammar and I’ll be nice about it.) I'm retired so I don't edit anymore. Suck iiiiiiiiit.

The Presentation. If you want people to actually read your story, make it presentable. Your story may be good, but if it doesn't really look appealing, nobody will click on it. (Create/Find cover art (and credit if you can!), tag it properly, and come up with a decent description that is truthful, but also eye-catching.) So do everything I didn't do. You can also promote your story in promotion groups. If you think that's pretentious… well, you're right, but it'll still help you grow as a user if you actively promote your content. So don't be me, essentially. (Yeah don’t be him. He hasn’t marked half of his stories cancelled, even though he’s “retiring.”) ouch you had to make it personal. Well, I think that’s all of the advice I have for stories. Do you have anything else, user named fluffysam? (Not that I can think of, other than check the site guidelines.) Onto the next subject, then!!!

The Fimfiction Community

The community of people on fimfiction is… unique, for better or for worse. (Let’s stick with better.) [Obviously fluffysam is on the worse side.] (Haaaa true. I’m an awful person when someone’s a bitch to my friends.) Besides being a website for dumb pony fiction, FimFiction can also be considered as a sort of social media website. Let’s talk about how to treat people other than fluffysam, because fluffysam is a bitch. [Nah jkjk she’s really nice] (Aaaaww you flatter me)

Be Nice. This one should just go without saying, if you aren’t nice you won’t be a very likeable person. (Yeah, being a dick doesn’t get you friends.) It’s important to create bonds on fimfiction, especially if you want to become a more renowned author on the website. [For example- you might want to make friends if you want an editor that you don’t want to pay, because like I said before, paid editors are a waste of money].

Follow the Rules. When you follow the rules of fimfiction, you make it a better place for yourself and those around you. I “followed” the rules back in the day, but the thing that got me banned multiple times was the fact that I kept on balancing on the thin line that was in between breaking the rules and staying safe. So I’d like to thank Meeester for not permanently banning me so I could pass my wisdom onto the next fimfiction generation. Fluffy, have you ever been banned? (Nope. At least, not while I’ve been very active. (I’ve contemplated asking for a (short) ban, but I never went through with it.) I digress. I’ve never exactly broken the rules, but I’m sure I’ve toed the line.) That’s a very depressing story. Welcome to my new talk show, Dr. Arquius.

Drama. I am going to be stepping onto a huge minefield while talking about this very sensitive topic. I’d just like to say that I’ve started drama before, and it has not ended well. (He’s not kidding. I’ve caused drama myself and let me tell you- don’t do it. It’s very childish to intentionally cause drama just to spite someone.) No drama ends well, unless there is some sort of super happy ending that is somehow achieved [which doesn’t exist],so it’s best to not start drama. If you somehow get involved in drama… well, say goodbye to your reputation. (I mean, if it’s some other people and one of them drags you in, it’s not exactly your fault.) I think I can speak for pretty much everyone who has started drama and say that it can permanently damage your relationship with people on the website, and it can ruin your reputation as an author too.

Friendship is Magic. I never thought I’d say something so fruity (fruity? really??) in my life, but here I am now. When starting relationships on fimfiction, you need to realize that this declaration means a lot to the people on this website- including me. I mean, I met some of my best friends on this website [cough cough, fluffysam] (Wat. I’m one of your best friends??). [Shut up, I'm trying to give a nice monologue. And yes, fine, whatever] (I will never shut up! But yay xD) [Never shut up after we write this blog] (Fiiine.) My final piece of advice to you regarding this is to make a few friends. Find people who relate to you, find people who you enjoy talking to! Get involved in this lovely community of people who have the same desires as you do. (And have fun, okay? Having fun with your friends is just as important as being serious with them.) Now, there will always be haters and people who just aren't likeable. (*cough*Iknowaguy*cough*) That's fine, you don't have to be their friend, but you can still show them the magic that is friendship. Oh god I'm gonna have to wash my tongue with a soap bar after saying that. (I’m not. Remember, friendship is magic, people!!)

Alright, that's all the wisdom I have to pass down to you guys. I might make another similar blog post about groups and whatnot, but pffffft not anytime soon. Anyways, thank you Fluffy for helping me write my wisdom. (No prob, fam.) Welp, I'll see you guys in the next blog post!! Also check out fluffysam at the link I will provide at the top definitely (I’ll prolly never be asked to help write one of this dork’s blogs again, so farewell!) [ehhhh hehehehe I'll never spoil my intentions to you] (I think you just did >:3) [pooossibly]

Stay nice,
Le fluff fluff
Snow Bullet
Wait no not her
This is getting out of hand
You did that
Well that is twice as important
Me getting banned
I'm way too happy about this
K well imma go now
Kk goodbye

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That's a pretty nice guide there.

Not like I'm ever gonna write a story, but still, it's very well written and useful for both the social and writing portions of this site.

What if I just completely changed you to red

I have leverage

Bow down to your master

Okay? Not all of these are true for everyone. My best story had no editor and it did great. It just depends.

'Tis entitled advice, not facts

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