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  • Wednesday
    New story and an important (and oh so serious) announcement

    There comes a time in every bun’s life where she must grow up and put childish things away. Like ponies, and slice of life drama fics. For me, my time has come. I’m giving up on these things, and I’m going to from now on be writing Much More Mature stories. With anthro ponies! And sex! You know it’s mature because there’s sex in it! Ignore the fact that almost all my stories have already had sex,

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  • Monday
    Artwork from Playing House!

    Since it’s next up on my list of books to get printed, I’m getting some art done for Playing House. The first one finished is by Coiris, a long time friend of mine who was a joy to work with. Definitely recommend commissioning them if you’re in the market for some art!

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  • 1 week
    New short story

    I know a lot of y’all don’t track or know about my Rabbit Tracks anthology series, so I decided to plug it in a blog post here. I wrote a Fluttercord story titled Grief about Discord dealing with the loss of Fluttershy based on

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  • 2 weeks
    On the subject of "dead fic" shelves

    So the main part of this doesn't actually affect me but I wanted to use whatever platform I have to talk about it because it's a shitty thing people do on this website and maybe some people will actually learn if enough of us authors talk about it (I have low expectations but hey, I'm gonna try).

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  • 2 weeks
    Bun Noises

    Howdy, y’all. So a long time ago I made an audiobook for Looking Glass. I finally got around to cleaning it up, and I posted the whole thing on YouTube so people don’t need to download it or listen to it off Google Drive. And there’s a lot more coming up as well.

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Jumping onto this whole Share a Smile bandwagon · 12:08pm Sep 13th, 2017

So this thing’s going around, and it’s pretty nice. I decided I wanted to do it, then decided against it, and eventually said fuck it, I’m not doing much writing right now anyway, so why not?
inb4 we all get disciplined for spreading chain letters!

The more of you who participate, the more our chances increase of bringing someone a smile. That's what the Magic of Friendship is all about, right? Well, if you can, please take a few moments out of your day to help brighten someone else's.

Here's what I'd like everyone to do: write a blog post about someone (or someones!) who you don't normally interact with that you admire, look up to, or just simply want to praise in some way. Then tag it with Share a Smile, as well as the names of the user(s) you wrote about. If we're lucky—if enough of y'all participate—that person may just have the happy surprise of finding your post. If you could also include instructions at the bottom of your post for others who see it to do the same, that would be super!

I’m not sure if this counts for the theme; I’ve commented on every one of your stories and most of your blog posts, so full internet stalker points? I’ve dropped praise so often that I’d make a “notice me senpai” joke here if I was sure you wouldn’t take it seriously. But I wouldn’t say we interact on the regular, so fuck it, works for me.

It’s a bit odd, actually, that someone who hoards nicknames like “The Misery Bun” latched on to someone who favors writing stories that are so nice and happy. Stories where characters form relationships that work without having to trudge through miles of drama to get there. But the thing that’s not immediately apparent, I think, is that we actually have a lot in common with our writing.

It’s simple enough to start with that we both prefer romance, but it goes deeper in how we handle our romances. Because it’s not like you write complete fluff; there is conflict in your stories as well. But we’d both rather have characters talk their way through issues like real couples. On that note, we both favor a very realistic and sensible approach to romance. Characters don’t need to have big exciting displays of affection, because a lot can be conveyed through casual interactions.

Beyond that, we even have a very similar narrative style. We both like third person limited, but we both skew it to the point where the narrator is basically the main character, allowing for informal speech and sentence fragments to give a sense of character to the narrator as well. We also both employ introspection a lot, with the story reflecting on what’s going through a character’s mind almost as often as it explains what’s going on outside of it. Even down to our senses of humor, we’re often very similar. In short, we largely took the same style, but you use your powers for good while I torture horses for fun.

It’s also a bit odd that I’m talking so much about similarities in a blog post meant to talk about you, but that’s the main thing I wanted to address. Because when I started reading your writing, I was very unsure of my own. I wondered if people would want to read a story that features less stuff happening and more characters talking about what happened. I was concerned about having my narrator be highly informal, and if it was okay for the narrator to speak so directly from the point of view of the character. Your writing not only offers me proof that it can and does work, but it gives me something to keep me on my toes. There are a ton of talented authors on this site, but the differences in how I write and how they write keeps a layer of separation between us. Yes, I’ll never write action like him or horror like her, but that’s not what I do so it hardly matters. With you, it’s not like I’m trying to directly compare and contrast, or to beat you in any way (I don’t like competitiveness much, and we’re still our own unique writers), but I’ve seen what it looks like when someone takes this style of writing and handles it masterfully, and so you’ve given me something to always shoot for with my own writing.

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