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    "Be honest, I can take it"

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    Upcoming Fic: Firebird

    Just wanted to offer a little status update and say that all of my pony energy of late has been going into a fic about a very underappreciated pony:

    Look for it to drop no later than one week from today eventually 'cause Mana keeps extending the deadline and I'm gonna keep polishing.

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    Signal Boost: This Is Not Okay

    There's a good chance you've seen this by now, but if you haven't, give horizon's blog about an experience at BronyCon a read, because this is not and will never be okay.

    Thanks, happy New Year, etc.

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    Reading of "Home" by Scribbler!

    Hey folks -- I'm a day late on this (I was away from home for the holiday) but I'm excited so I just have to throw it out there anyway!

    If you're still winding down from your Christmas but aren't quite ready to give up on the holiday spirit, may I suggest this amazing new reading of "Home" by Scribbler?

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    Another PONY Legacy (And Kind Of Just Life) Update

    Hey folks, thought I'd throw this out there... although because of item 2 below, the people who probably need to see it most won't... but we'll press on regardless, shall we?

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New MLP Movie Trailer! · 7:30pm Sep 12th, 2017

Turns out Taye "Catman" Diggs and Rarity actually have speaking roles, who'da thought!

Report RBDash47 · 139 views · #the movie
Comments ( 8 )

Rarity is funny

Will watch later,

I don't know why, but that was funny as crap.

Why is it that if you're writing a part for an actor of African descent and the actor is not James Earl Jones, Sam Jackson or Morgan Freeman, you are obligated to make them "sassy"? Can we not write characters with more nuance than this?

Site Blogger

"DAYUMMM these little poniez be off the chain"
-- How All African-Americans Speak, Hollywood

P.S. plz buy socks with wings thx


Can we at least agree Rarity is the best?

She be, in fact, off da chain.

"Capper, a smooth-talking (and singing) con-artist, was once a swanky aristocrat living the high-life with pride and dignity"


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