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I am a professional writer, artist, musician, website builder, and app developer. I have a Tip Jar for those who might be interested.

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I Am Thinking Of Deleting My Derpibooru Account · 10:03pm Sep 11th, 2017

I Am Thinking Of Deleting My Derpibooru Account

I uploaded a few random things onto Derpibooru for fun, not really thinking much about it. But then I got dive-bombed by all of these artists who insist that I suck at art and stuff. They basically down-voted most of what I had up in my gallery and left nasty comments and such.

I kind of don't want to have my gallery up because I just uploaded stuff for fun but people don't really see it that way. And it is kind of effecting my Deviant Art page too as a result.

I tried to delete a lot of the pictures that really got bad receptions but I guess you can't delete things from Derpibooru.

So I am kind of thinking of deleting it and maybe starting over with a new account,

What do you guys think? I'm just curious to hear what your thoughts are on this.

By the way these are some things I had up that people down-voted or left mean comments on.

So eh...I dunno. Maybe I just don't have the style they are looking for or something? I might not even bother making another account on there as I kind of don't want to have an angry mob after me again.

But anywayz, that was just my weird experience on the site. :L

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Comments ( 38 )

Man, people suck. :twilightangry2:

These pictures look great, hun. But whatever you want to do. As long as you're happy. :twilightsmile:

4665520 Thank you for the kind comment on my pictures. It means a lot.

I kind of want to keep it up. But at the same time I keep getting comments like this:

I am sure you were told that using a traditional drawing of your OC would be way better than something made in ponymaker. But when you copy EXACTLY what they looked like in ponymaker onto paper, that doesn’t achieve anything.

You need to try a completely different pose. Any other pose.

And yes that was a real comment. And I didn't even use the pony maker so I don't even know what that guy is talking about.

So anyway it is kind of depressing to keep receiving these types of comments and stuff. So that is why I am thinking of deleting my account.

Whatever makes you happy. You don't need to put up with these crap.


It sounds like he assumed you drew something that you first made in the General Zoi ponymaker.

Though the comment doesn't really sound hostile. Rather, they just misunderstood your intent.

4665535 That is a good point. I am not really sure what I am going to do at this point. I need to think things through and act on things when my head is a bit clearer.

In any case I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog. It means a lot to me. Have a nice day and week in general my friend. :)

4665550 Yeah, he kind of jumped to a conclusion about something that was not the case. :Г

The way I see it, is there will always be the negative people, but I personally think you do very nice artwork.

4665601 This is very true. I appreciate the kind words, sis. They mean a lot to me. And thank you for the nice comment about my artwork as well. :)

I think these look great. It baffles me that so many people would down-vote art like yours (or post nasty comments, which is even worse), yet a basic screencap edit can get lots of up-votes.

I think that the guard and the Cutie Mark necklaces are excellent, the colors and some of the edges are a bit off and rigid in the others, but nothing that a bit of curvature can't fix.
Anyway, I have nothing to say but wow. What a bunch of assholes.

Erm, say what? Did they say the drawings suck, but I only see good drawings.

So... Jerks for the sake of being jerks? :ajbemused: Not cool.

They say these suck?! I think they're really good!


I appreciate the kind comments on my art pieces, everyone. They are very much appreciated. I'm not sure why a lot of people seem to be harsh when it comes to voting on the site or leaving comments. But it just kind of depressing to deal with that kind of thing, you know? I'm trying not to let it get to me too much, all that being said. I am going to sleep on things and make a better decision about what to do when I am not feeling as upset.

Don't delete it. I love your drawings! Ignore the haters

4665753 Thank you for the kind words, my friend. I think I will keep up my gallery and try to just ignore the haters like you suggested. And thank you for the nice comment about my artwork. It is very much appreciated. :)

You most certainly shouldn't delete your account. Don't let some assholes get you down, you've seen proof both here and on the group thread about the same thing that people really like your art. That's what you should care about :twilightsmile:

4666195 Thank you so much for the kind words. After thinking about it for a while, I have decided that I am going to keep my derpibooru gallery and just try to ignore the negative downvotes and comments I get. I want to share my pony artwork and such so I don't want to let something like this get me down.

Don't let others get you down. Just do whatever you want. :ajsmug:

4666545 Thank you for the encouraging words. It means a lot to me. :)

4666564 Keep on being awesome. :)

Keep it up. It's better than I could ever draw. And who cares what they think.

4669316 Thank you so much for the kind words, my friend. They are very much appreciated. :)

Yay indeed :)

How are you Lyra?

4674063 I am doing pretty good, thank you. How are things going with you?

Good to hear. And good as well

4676671 I am glad to hear it, my Friend. :)

4678403 You are very welcome. :)

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