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Share a Smile! · 7:58pm Sep 11th, 2017

So, the lovely Crystal Wishes is doing a thing that I'm in support of, I'll let you read for yourself:

The more of you who participate, the more our chances increase of bringing someone a smile. That's what the Magic of Friendship is all about, right? Well, if you can, please take a few moments out of your day to help brighten someone else's.
Here's what I'd like everyone to do: write a blog post about someone (or someones!) who you don't normally interact with that you admire, look up to, or just simply want to praise in some way. Then tag it with Share a Smile, as well as the names of the user(s) you wrote about. If we're lucky—if enough of y'all participate—that person may just have the happy surprise of finding your post. If you could also include instructions at the bottom of your post for others who see it to do the same, that would be super!

Lately, on site I've seen a bunch of drama, a lot of animosity between users, so I think this is a good thing. Thanks, Crystal for such a great idea! I'm more than happy to participate.

Don't Look At My Name Bro

I'm looking at it, and you can't stop me. Bitch.

In all seriousness, bro is a bro, and an absolutely wonderful person. Dude, you're amazing, and you're helpful, and I'm glad to know you, though I really should message you more than I do. You're smart, you have great music taste, and you're just fun to be around. I'm excited to get you in a call once I'm able to! Overall, you're just an awesome, super chill dude, and you deserve to be happy. :pinkiesmile:


Meeester, I know you're not the most social of people so we don't talk much, but I enjoy when we do. You're very helpful, you're funny, and to much everyone's surprise you're nice and chill like a normal person. What. A. Shocker.

Whenever I get around to putting a personal staff FAQ I'll be sure to say this again, but God you've done a lot of work for this site, and it's such a thankless job, and I just want to thank you. I'm not sure if you're aware but since approvals and denials have been reported, did you know you've approved more than 25% of all stories on the site? That's incredible! You've done a helluva lot for this site, and you don't get the credit you deserve. So I want to make it known so hopefully some people can acknowledge it.

You're a terrific person! Oh, and you've got an adorable dog I want to see someday, haha.


Merr, one of my shitposters in the Barcast community. It's always great to have you around. You're fun to talk to, you're just fun to be around, just... you're awesome! You're a good writer too, and even at hundreds of likes I'd say you're under-appreciated.

Keep writing and keep being you duder. You're terrific, and I'm super to be a loser with you whenever we do. You're a cool mer, Merr~ :twilightsmile:

I think you all should do this, even if it's people you know, or if it's perhaps telling someone over PM versus on a big ol' blog. People always like to hear nice things, and it doesn't take much effort to make someone's day. :pinkiesmile:

Later Gators, and:

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Comments ( 4 )

I share a smile, PInkie always us smile!


And I totally agree that this was a great idea :twistnerd:


Dammit, you got a smile out of me. I lose.

I've already talked to you through PMs but I also felt like I should say it here, too: I may not be the most social guy ever, and I can definitely do more to be a better friend, but I'm really grateful and glad to be yours. :pinkiesad2:

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