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    Still here, Have not disappeared.
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    An Ending

    Before you get your hopes up, no, this is not the real Loyal. This is her editor, co-author, and friend, 2dextreem. I'm sorry to say I don't think Loyal is ever logging back in of her own accord.

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An Ending · 7:56pm Sep 11th, 2017

Before you get your hopes up, no, this is not the real Loyal. This is her editor, co-author, and friend, 2dextreem. I'm sorry to say I don't think Loyal is ever logging back in of her own accord.

Ever since my last post explaining things, I have not had any contact with her. I still have no idea what happened or where she has gone, but I'm afraid she isn't coming back. It is with a heavy heart that I have to declare all of her stories dead. With a small exception.

I realize that it must have been disappointing and agonizing to have all of her stories held up as they are, unfinished and unsatisfying, especially with the latest chapter of Shades of Twilight ending on such a huge cliffhanger. But take heart, for I have taken it upon myself to finish the next -- now final -- chapter of the story. It's not the end as we once imagined it, but it wraps up the events of the arc and leaves a little bit of a direction as to where the story was headed.

This chapter has been 90% entirely written in my own words. It also lacks some of the typical Loyal flair that is present in all of her other content, so if it seems a little different, that's why. I just couldn't bear to leave it on such a dour note, so I took our outline, fleshed it out as best I could, and wrote it in a way that I hope does her original vision justice.

And that's mostly the reason for this blog post. I'm shortly uploading the contents of the chapter for a few passes of editing and formatting to make it look nice on the website, then I'm submitting the chapter. And after that, I must sadly mark all ongoing stories as CANCELLED. I will not pick up where Loyal left off. Our work together was what inspired me to start writing in the first place, and to go through all the effort to finish what she started... well, my heart just wouldn't be in it. That, and real life has a way of taking my attention.

So, that's that. For anyone still waiting for updates and for those who have already moved on, I hope the final chapter of Shades of Twilight's second arc is everything you were expecting. If Loyal decides to come back in the future, against the odds, I will gladly pick up my pen and take her side, picking up where we left off. But I don't think that's likely.

To our loyal fanbase, on behalf of us both, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your love and readership. I'm not too active on the site myself these days, but I'll still be around to read comments and such. If you have questions about this chapter and the story at large, I'll do my best to answer. But I won't go into detail about the future of any of Loyal's main stories. I feel it wouldn't do them justice to be reduced to a few bullet points of what could have been. But I also won't stop anyone from deciding to follow Loyal's example and adopting the stories in their own way, like she did with SqueakAnon's Doctor Whooves universe. If you want to write a followup to her wonderful worlds, go right ahead. Just know that I probably won't read it, much less endorse it.

And with that, I bid you adieu. The new chapter should go up within the hour of this posting. Thanks again, and goodbye.

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Dang, that's a real shame. Hope that she's okay. :fluttershysad:

As someone who is friends with someone who is friends with her. And talks regularly, shes fine. Just not writing anymore.

Got to wonder what killed her muse in such a way for her to just leave like this. Stopping is fine and all that, we all have the right to do that. Just seems odd for the author to just go without at least saying 'I can't do this any more' herself. Always strange when others got to do it for someone.

Sucks man but I wish her well and thank you 2dextreem for trying to give us readers some form of closure. Many props to you.

I hope she's not actually dead. :rainbowhuh:

If it's not to much trouble, can I ask for spoilers about where Doctor Whooves was heading? It's the story that led me to joining the site.

Thank you for keeping us informed and finishing the story. I'll read it soon. It's saddening that it isn't finished properly but it's hard to keep these things going especially to a satisfying conclusion. I just wish you weren't the one who had to come and tell us. Hopefully she is okay because most big authors don't just ghost away when something happens.

Same here. I was reading her story when I finally realized that I was a brony, and have had much fun in fandom since. To hear that what was such an integral part of the experience to me is gone just puts a hole in my heart. To every one that reads this, if any of you can get this message to her, I want you to tell her that her stories have led to more friendships than I ever thought I could find elsewhere. And whatever she is doing now, I hope that she can be as much of a force for change and greatness as possible. Know that wherever you are, you will always have friends here to help you.

If you want to write a followup to her wonderful worlds, go right ahead. Just know that I probably won't read it, much less endorse it.

So you encourage people to pick up where she left off but don't endorse it? Seems counterintuitive. :rainbowhuh:

Nice of you to finish the arc though. I was planning to read the story expecting it to be unfinished. The first one was just that good.

Would've been nice if she could tell me that herself.

I think he means that he's not going to go "Hey, lookie here, its a continuation"

like she did with SqueakAnon's Doctor Whooves universe

An universe Squeak has left hanging, too.
But thanks, 2Dextreem, for taking the time and effort to give the readers one last chapter.

Sadly, not much is known. For example, Loyal2Luna only, as the author, knew if Twilightwo had survived... A question I had hoped to see answered for years... *sigh*

Hard to believe like this. Not writing anymore is one thing. Vanishing without even a small blog saying she has moved on, after all this...
Nevertheless, I do hope she is alright.

Hope she is ok. If she is alive and well I wish her the best, though a simple blog post from herself would be a better conclusion.

So "endorsement" in the sense of promoting rather than approval. That makes sense.


If you want to write a followup to her wonderful worlds, go right ahead. Just know that I probably won't read it, much less endorse it.

So you encourage people to pick up where she left off but don't endorse it? Seems counterintuitive. :rainbowhuh:

It seems to me like they're saying that they're okay with another user picking up these universes, but they don't feel like it's right to endorse them.

I've been in a similar boat, as an editor and something of a friend to an author who just suddenly cuts contact. It sucks. I was at least able to figure out that he's alive but didn't want to be associated with ponies anymore. It would have been nice to hear it from him directly (not sure if his parents or whoever might have forbidden it though).

I remember my friend Maddiepink5 dissapeared from facebook and I was sad as SHIT to look for her. I found her here luckily one of the last few places she's remained and I was SOOOOOO happy.

In all honesty there was one other case where a brony said they were going to be missing due to a spiritual journey of sorts but at least I knew that they were fine.

This? It's... it's sickening. In the sense that it's worrying me. When I read " Loyal is ever logging back in of her own accord. " it kind of sounds like someone is stopping her.

Honestly I thought they would know each other irl but well... I am not suprised.

This was one of the best stories I've read, mostly because it had this... "your choices matter" thing. In most cases pretty much one path was chosen and what happened in the future didnt change much but it really felt like I wanted to argue about the choices made. I'll wait for her to come back... however small that chance is.

A shame really, but not something I can really do anything about... It's also why I don't blame friends for refusing to read stuff until it's complete. Too many promising fics have died half finished.

Thanks for wrapping up as best you can.


Thanks for the update 2D. Best of luck to you Loyal, where ever you may be!

Mass respect dude, you had no obligation to do this yet you did. As someone who was waiting on any sort of closure I am incredibly thankful that you took the time and effort to do this.

Well, I really do appreciate that you gave us closure, at least.

Thank you so much for updating us and bringing some closure to an excellent story. Sometimes, people's passions rise and fall without warning...and quite honestly, in a situation like this, that's perfectly okay. You had no obligation to come back and tie this up on her behalf, so thank you for taking the time to give her a proper send-off (so to speak). Give her our best--once and for all.

She shall be missed....

Wow. That's... a shocker. I had a lot of fun reading Loyal2Luna's ME/MLP crossover series, though, and it's one of the few fanfics I can honestly say does Mass Effect real justice. I'm happy to see that we got some closure to Arc 2 of Shades of Twilight, though, and I greatly appreciate the phenomenal effort you put into making sure we all got to see what happened over the edge of that massive cliffhanger. Thank you. It truly means a lot. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the closure. Loyal2Luna was one of the two authors I joined FimFic to follow. It's unfortunate that more won't be forthcoming from her, but I'm glad what was written remains.

o7 loyal2luna, wherever you are.

o7 2dextreem, for ending the cliffhanger that's been hanging for the longest time.

Can't really say I'm surprised I guess.

Goodnight Sweet Prince.

I'd say that I'd miss her, but I would be lying.


rip another great writefriend, your stories are some of the fandom's best

Sad but still good to know.

I understand, although I had never read the latest story. Found this great author through the doctor whooves works. I hope she is doing well in life, and I wish you same wishes, my good sir.

(On a less grim side note: Ahhh you did the thing! I rarely meet people who use the word adieu! I love your face, but mostly your vocabulary!)

Well dang...that sucks.

Wow, I'm truly sorry to hear this. However, it comes as no surprise from the last post. My heart goes out to all those involved and to one of my favorite authors on the site. Be well, and good luck.

I was about to read it then I saw the canceled status. Tried to remember the last plot-point, failed. Chose not to read. *shrug* I have watched enough stories get randomly dropped without a word from the author. Thanks for the effort to notify the fans 2d, it's more than some stories get.

Ditto. Thanks for bringing a sense of closure to the story. I hope that someone picks up the torch, and I hope that L2L herself is well.

I knew long ago that there was no sustainability to these stories. You guys put amazing work into the stories, but . . . she spread herself too thin. You guys most likely all did. With the amount of planning and thought that had to go into both Doctor Hooves and Mass Effect, it only made sense that, after a while, things would slow down. I had never really planned on her coming back to Doctor Hooves because I knew what she, and you guys, were doing. You guys were trying to make it easier to tackle by lessening the work load to one story.

Doctor Hooves is my favorite series that you guys have worked on too. I was really sad when I noticed the change, even with the assurance that you guys would be reviving the series. Of course, I knew that would never happen.

All I can say is that . . . it's been a good run. You guys did an amazing job, and I think that I will never forget the stories told in Doctor Hooves. I consider it to be one of the best story series that I have ever read. In fact, that is the exact reason why I started watching Doctor Who itself, and I binge watched it the same way I binge read the series, and I was not disappointed. You guys' work has affected me in the best way, and I want you to know that your work was not in vain even if it remains unfinished. You reached me and many people, and that's something I will never forget.

hmm, I was following ME crossover fics closely, but cancelation is certainly better than an eternity in limbo, Thank you for the send up.

While I can't see myself making my own fan continuation, this does encourage me to come up with my own take on the premise. the trick is making it feel distinct from this one.

L2L was actually delivering several chapters (counting her ongoing fanfics at the time) each month, until 2013. That’s when she got a time-consuming job, and various issues in RL here and there.

That's when I last saw an update for Doctor Hooves. I was just reading her stories either that year or the year before. I never branched out to other stories for whatever reason, and I guess that was a smart decision.

Even without Loyal updating, Her work will remain tracked and her account followed. She did so much in the time she spent here that even if nothing else comes out of this page, she deserves to be recognized. Maybe I'll get bold someday and pick up where she left off on the D.W series with my own spinoff, but we will have to see. Till then, thank you for giving us some form of closure. Stay awesome man.

As others have said, it's bitter-sweet, knowing this is as far as stories will go, but honestly, just look at the stories! I loved the mass-effect series that you guys did (haven't started on the DR. Whooves ones). Thank you for putting out the final chapter, as well as this update. I know it probably wasn't easy to do. I wish you, and L2L the best of luck in your future endeavors. :twilightsmile:

4665400 is that true? Please don't take offense if I doubt what you're saying.

It is. But if you didnt believe me the first time i guess the reassurance wont matter now.

4670876 sorry, again I didn't mean to offend you.

It’s not that I don’t want to believe what you said, but I just think it would need a more solid proof. Have you been told why L2L did leave without any word?

Could you give us a general idea of what would have happened if this story was able to keep going to the final story? Not a whole outline but the basics.

Twilight gets in the Citadel, reaches the Catalyst first, sacrifices her body to become the new Catalyst and takes control of the Reapers. Then she enforces the Herd’s supremacy in the whole galaxy. Friendship and harmony with red laser beams for all.

...Just joking.

The final story, ME3: Harmony for All, would've been part "ME3 but with ponies" and part "what's happening with the ponies during ME3". Here's just some of the broad strokes.

Twilight on Earth during the opening scene when the Reapers begin their invasion, and she and 42 have to escape to the Normandy along with James and the Virmire survivor. (Side note: James' nickname for Twilight is "Princess", which she doesn't appreciate very much.)

Shepard getting a tour of New Ponyville and reuniting with the cast.

New Ponyville during the Cerberus attack on the Citadel. Choices made during this story would have an impact as to whether there are casualties and how serious.

The ME3 "DLC" scenario featuring Shepard, Twilight, Pinkie, and Rainbow as they work together to investigate [spoilers]. The end result would be an asset that will later be used in the final battle.

Said final battle, with a climactic ending that is different (and in my opinion, MUCH more satisfying) than the original.

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