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Share a Smile - This Is Going to Be a Thing · 3:00pm Sep 11th, 2017

Crystal is not holding a knife to my throat. I promise. I am perfectly okay an nobody should call for help.

but to quote from the original blog:

The more of you who participate, the more our chances increase of bringing someone a smile. That's what the Magic of Friendship is all about, right? Well, if you can, please take a few moments out of your day to help brighten someone else's.

Here's what I'd like everyone to do: write a blog post about someone (or someones!) who you don't normally interact with that you admire, look up to, or just simply want to praise in some way. Then tag it with Share a Smile, as well as the names of the user(s) you wrote about. If we're lucky—if enough of y'all participate—that person may just have the happy surprise of finding your post. If you could also include instructions at the bottom of your post for others who see it to do the same, that would be super!

So, I'm going to go off the beaten path and share my love with some folks who I don't talk to, but always like to see:


I've seen you around so much. It was wonderful to have you on the Barcast. We always seem to say hi and interact at conventions, but we're more acquaintances than anything else. You've got a lot going for you, and an amazing reputation as a talented writer. Just know that you're awesome. That I think you're awesome. If you ever wanna grab a drink some time, first one is on me.


You. Dork. You're funny. I've recently began reading 'Mad, With Power' and now I'm beginning to learn about that witty humor folks love to talk about from you. Your reputation proceeds you, good sir. Keep up the awesome writing work.


I really wanted to make these three choices not circlejerky to the barcast, but the more and more I think about who I want to send a smile to, the more Alex_ came up. His endless supply of creepy memes that use my real face never cease to make me laugh. That's being genuine. I don't know. He finds ways to make not just me, but everyone feel special. And if this little blog callout is enough to make him smile today, then I know I'm doing good.

Now the challenge is on you folks. Make a blog similar to mine, and tag 3 new folks. Let's see how far this goes.

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Comments ( 5 )

Done. I feel gay now. You made me feel gay. I hope you're proud of yourself, mister.

Wow! Flupri! I was absolutely not expecting you to participate whatsoever!! This is a total surprise.

🔪 :fluttershysad:

4665182 I'm so happy that you're happy!

Senpai noticed me!

But really, thank you so much, Priest :heart: I think you're a great person to talk to, too, always able to make people happy when you're around, or make them laugh with your stories even when you're not. I love it when we do get to talk, and I'm just glad I'm not too creepy or obsessive for you :raritywink:

And you really did make me smile with this. Like, quite a lot, actually. Thank you.

Your reputation preceeds you, good sir.

Fuck. Shit. Goddammit.

I'm so screwed.

Haaa I dont have to do this crap. =D

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