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"Never let your fear of being criticized stop you from expressing yourself through art." ~Fluttershy.

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Art Happens · 8:37am Sep 10th, 2017

Aeron and Trixie kiss.

Just something I doodled real quick inbetween writing the next chapter.

I can't draw pony muzzles worth a damn :raritydespair:

Report Aprion · 415 views · Story: Evergreen Heart · #Trixie #kiss.
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Comments ( 21 )

I can't draw pony muzzles worth a damnĀ 

That's because you made them too humanoid in the face. Next time make the foreheads more round. What you have is too simian. The jaws are too deep. The length is fine, but you might have wanted to make it as deep as the top of their muzzle to the bottom of the upper jaw. Reference show stills of characters. Ponies are a bunch of circles and ovals. You have too much square going on in the shapes.

Looks good, though. As art, it is very nicely done.

Beautiful work. Enough said.

i luv it great work :raritystarry::heart:

it looks like a parody artwork! :rainbowlaugh:

I LOVE IT!!! :rainbowkiss:

a parody of what though? :rainbowderp:

You call this a doodle well we have very different definition because this looks awesome.

thanks :twilightsmile: and yeah, anything that takes me less than an hour to make pretty much counts as a doodle to me.

This would be a more complete piece. Since it took me several hours to do and has a lot more details.

The texture is suberb, as is the expression.

As for Muzzles; they are basically a fusion of mouth and nose. For mares it's basically a little lump, but stallions it's a square.

i always have had trouble with muzzles. i cant seem to figure out the trick to drawing them well.

pre11.deviantart.net/54d8/th/pre/i/2015/116/d/2/stallion_tutorial_by_assassin_or_shadow-d8r3s5i.jpg . Theses helped me.

Check the red diagram in the corner for what I mean by squares.

lol, those intense expressions :rainbowlaugh: testosterone, to the max!

So that's what he looks like disguised.....woe, can barely tell the difference between him and a real pony. The only exception is his glowing eyes, which are iffing cool by the way! AWESOME!!!
When's the next chapter gonna be ready? :pinkiehappy:

cant really say when. its in the works, but no estimate as to completion yet.

I can't draw pony muzzles worth a damn

These words are Lies! An amazing job with the art.

Bet it will be AWESOME!!!:yay:

I can't draw pony muzzles worth a damnĀ :raritydespair:

I think it looks fine, but some people don't like them so square.

trashy romance manga art covers from the 80's-90's.

The writers of the show should take a nore from you. You make more likeable for me in one chapther than the show have in 7 seasons.

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